Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tips to get a L'Oreal Star Magnet working....

If you've read one of my earliest post, you would know that this particular polish frustrated the hell outta me.
It got to the point where I was even ready to ditch it.
Only held back cos it's a HTF & I went hunting around for it until someone kindly told me where it was found.

The pain eventually dulled & I decided to give it another try yesterday.
This time I got smart & asked NB for help 1st,

So pics 1st, then I'll share those tips, & what I've tried that worked =)

Bottle pics 1st =)
The Pika bottle's in there cos I used it on my toes.
But its so pretty, I decided it deserves another better swatch on fingers for another post!

Sunlight pics
I've no idea why, but the sun seem to wash out the star effect.
These 2 were the best of the lot of sunlight pics I took today.

The next 2 pics were taken under artificial light without flash.
Thumb has the best star created =)

The pics that came out showing the star effect the best were those that were taken under artificial light with camera flash.

So here's how:

1) "Shake it like its your job!"
& this is a direct quote from tobywoohoo from MUA =)
What I did, I gave the bottle a few good hard shakes EVERY time before I paint EACH nail.
Plus dun give it time to settle after shaking.
Apparently the stars seem to show up much better this way.

2) Apply just 1 coat. And dun make it too thick a coat.
1st, the polish is pigmented enough so 1 coat is definitely enough.
I know the directions says 2 coats, but I found the best stars came out with only 1 coat.
Thumb & index fingers shown were 1 coat only.
The other 3 fingers were 2 coats.
I experimented with 3 coats on 1 finger on my right.
Let's just say that the blob that appeared was barely discernible.

3) Use the magnet while the polish is still wet.
So that means you need to be just that little tad quicker.
AND its paint 1st nail, hold to magnet. Paint 2nd nail, hold to magnet. Paint 3rd nail, hold to magnet, blah blah blah.
A little tedious too

4) Hold your nail to the magnet for a while.
LethslKiss20 on MUA suggested 30 seconds while tjoyu (also on MUA) says to count to 8.
I'm not very good with estimating time, so I did the counting bit.
The best stars appeared when I count to between 8 to 10.
Too long and it becomes a blob (see the middle finger for this).

5) What I found easier too; I removed the magnet from the polish bottle.
This way, I dun have to worry about the brush and I have better control over the magnet.
In my 1st attempt, I didn't do this & I got polish all over my fingers in my hurried & clumsy manner to get to the magnet.
Plus I kept bumping my freshly polished nails against the magnet cos it was at such an awkward position.

6) Do not place your polish on a magnetic plate in case it desensitizes the polish.

7) Okay, this last one isn't exactly a tip on how to get it working, but I thought it might be fun.
You might wanna experiment with other magnets. phdskin (again from MUA) suggested this and I went to fetch my biggest fridge magnet.
I ended up with a clean, clear line diagonally across the nail almost as if I had used a striper!

Hope this helps! =)


gildedangel said...

That magnetic polish is so cool; I wish that I could find that here!

Inbaluly said...

thant's so cool! thank you for the tip - now I only have to get one and I'll know how to use it :-)

contests and such said...

Thanks for the tips! I wonder if this works for Lancome Magnifique b/c I couldn't get mine to work.

Berry T said...

gildedangel, Inbaluly,
someone posted on MUA that the Star Magnets cld be found at this site

Apparently there was a coupon code too: DVF09
but not sure whether it still works =)

contests & such,
i think the polishes work the same way
*not a 100% sure* but go ahead & try. Can't wait to see the Lancome one on your blog! =)
Been wanting that as well!

Lucy said...

That's an amazing effect on your nails. I've seen it a few times on blogs. I've never seen the polish around here. If by some miracle I find one I know where to come for help on the star. Really came out pretty on you. You have lovely nails.

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