Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Starry Teal

All right, here's the nail art post that I promised you guys earlier.
Note though, the nail art & pics for this ain't fantastic cos I was rushing so that I could take last min pics before the camera was gone.
Plus my nails are also down to nubbins.

These are the bottles used.
Apologies, Morbid is on my toes but I totally forgot to take a pic of them!

And here are the nubbins.

This is another very simple piece of work.
Took me about 20 mins

I just went through my stash today.
I'm running outta storage space so I'm going to be getting rid of some.
Once my camera's back, I'll take pics for you guys to know which ones are up for grabs k


contests and such said...

This is lovely and simple. Getting rid of polish!!??? Really??

gildedangel said...

Very cute!

Evil Angel said...

I love the nail art! You rock those nubbins girl!

Berry T said...

contests and such,
thanks =) and yep, intending to purge a small pile of them...

gildedangel , missnono,
thanks dears! +)

Lucy said...

Nice job on the nails. Love the look. I love Morbid and the dots and star. Very pretty on you.

Berry T said...

thanks you dear
but its RBL Teal on the tips =)
Morbid's on the toes

skgoh said...

AAAHhhhhhh. Please let me know when you are purging. I would gladly pick up your table scraps!

Berry T said...

my camera's coming back soon =)
I'll try to get to it by this weekend or early next week k

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