Thursday, September 3, 2009


Yay! The sun was out today!
There are sunlight pics!
It's not the bright and strong sun that I was hoping for,
but its still better than the overcast weather we were having for a while =)

This set of nail art combines the glitter/holo theme on MUA as well as missnono's 2nd Sept mani calendar inspirational pic.
(can see earlier post for the mani calendar)
I really loved the picture in the calendar;
somewhat fantasy-like & it gave me an impression of being alone.

ok, pics of the polishes used
China Glaze L8R G8R (pedi colour),
OPI B49 Call my Cell-ery,
TINS 011 The Four Leaf Clover,
TINS 412 Feeling Liberty and Love,
Nail Colour NK-20,
Art Club NA06 Green,
Art Club NA07 Emerald Green,
Art Club NA02 Black,
Art Club NA3 Yellow,
and cheap $1 light gold glitter Nail Art striper.

and here's the nails taken with natural sunlight =)
Green glitter gradient nails!

Taken in the day, indoors

Taken last night in artificial light without flash

Artificial light, with flash

This is the thumb design that I'm mighty pleased with.
Taken under natural sunlight.

Artificial light without flash.
I only painted this on the thumb of my left hand, as I wanted to really capture that feeling of being alone.
Was actually tempted to add on a black woman figure under the tree but I wasnt confident of doing such a small figure...

Artificial light with flash.
I took more photos than usual =P
can tell that I really like this set ya *grinz*

Then I tried for the sunlight blurred glitter effect,

and I also have one artificial light blurred glitter effect pic.

Lastly, the toe pics.
hee.... I forgot to take the toes in sunlight so all you guys have are ugly dancer toes in artificial light.
I'm not too sure if I like L8R G8R on me.
The colour kinda makes my toes look washed out.

And this is with flash.
You gotta admit though, the holo effect is solid!


thriszha said...

this is very nice...have a great sunny day!!

gildedangel said...

That is so cute!!! I love the holo pedi too!

Lucy said...

Love your manicure. Very pretty gradient and also your art work on the thumb. Just lovely. Love the crazy holo toes!

Inbaluly said...

what a beautiful gradient! and the thumb is a master piece :-)

Berry T said...

thanks! You have a sunny one too!

thanks! =)

yeah, its holo madness! there was a little one next to me on the bus & she couldn't stop staring at my toes! LOL

Thanks so much for the compliment!
I keep looking at it myself & grin silly.

Miss Yaya said...

that's a whole lotta polishes used! looks almost like a painting - commend ur patience

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