Thursday, September 24, 2009

My First Giveaway! =)

Please take note that after some feedback, I have since added a entry form for the giveaway!
My apologies for this oversight. Blur me didn't realise that you could be following privately!

My very 1st Giveaway in anticipation of the 100th post =)

I realised that I have quite a number of non-Singapore followers
so I thought to give away some stuff that I can find here but may not be so readily available for those non-S'pore readers =)

Just one very simple rule.
1st, you'll have to be a follower of my blog.
I'm really honoured that you guys take the time out to read the stuff that I write about so I'll really like to take this opportunity to present you a token of my appreciation =)
I will do a random draw and will announce the winner in the 100th post =)
(And just in case you're wondering, this in post #97)

So here are the prizes that are up for grabs.
A set of 5 Sasatinnie nail polishes including 3 flakies,
2 nail polishes from Etude House,
A facial sheet mask from Etude House,
1 ibd 5 seconds nail glue,
and 1 packet of purple metal beads for nail art.
All brand new.

I know its not much, but its my little token of appreciation to you guys =)

Close-up of the flakies.
There's a bluish-purple one, then a dark purple one as well as a copper-brown one.
(Sorry guys, no codes no names so that's the best way I could describe to you)

Close-up of the polishes from Etude House.
This pic doesn't do justice to the colours.
For the 1st one, think along the lines of OPI Go On Green and even RBL Scrangie (the blue version).
The other one is a light gold glitter that has just that little hint of olive.

The nail art stuff.

All packed and ready to be shipped to their new owner!

Also, since this is a post about giveaway, just take note that there are quite a few blogs that are hosting giveaways too:

1) Evil angel (aka missnono) from Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss is celebrating fall and giving away her own brand of eye shadows, nail polishes and lip gloss!

2) Liz from Iceomatic's Nails is giving away Viva La Vespa to her blog followers!
*yeah! I hyperventilated too when I read this!*

3)Gildedangel from Naive Nails is giving away 3 Sinful Colours to celebrate hitting 50 followers! Way to go gal! I see that there's a lot more followers now too! =)

4) Painted Lady Fingers is giving away Essie St Martin Mint *gasp! yeah! another HTF!* and a lovely Halloween painting. She's celebrating 100+ followers!

5) There's also a lovely haul of items (including a China Glaze, Nail Tek, etc) on Also Known as.... This is also another nail blog that I enjoy reading

6) Okay, this one isn't a giveaway but there are prizes =)
There's a nail art contest hosted on Sasse's 'nad Stamping Stampede. The prizes are amazing! Contest ends 8th October

And to end off the giveaways, some really cute cupcakes that I wanna share with you guys.
A colleague recently gave birth to a baby girl. She's on maternity leave right now but came around yesterday to deliver cupcakes for us as part of her baby girl's 1st month celebration.

The 1st month celebration, known as Man Yue in Mandarin is a traditional Chinese custom. It's typical for the parents of the newborn to give out cakes or some sweet stuff for others to share in the joy. Another traditional item that one may also receive is a hard-boiled egg (shell intact) that has been dyed a bright red.

Anyway, the cupcakes we got were the most adorable that I have ever seen!
Each one of us got a cupcake each, but there were a total of 4 cute designs.

This one's a baby bib.

Look at that milk bottle! Isnt't that the cutest?!

Then there was a hearts design...

And this is the one that I got!
Baby Booties!!

Look at that flower detail! So sweet!


kelliegonzo said...

thanks for the shoutout ♥ and what a great giveaway! i like the little cuppy cakes!

thriszha said...

those cup cakes looks so yummy... im a follower & i love reading ur blogs...

Rebie said...

Oh I hate when I have so beautiful things to eaat because I think it's too beautiful to be eaten lol.
I'm a follower kisses

Amarena said...

count me in:)

And the cup cakes really look yummy

Lucy said...

How nice of you to have a giveaway Berry! My face is right there under followers. I'm not sure how you want us to enter? Those cupcakes look yummy. That's also a nice tradition. Thanks for sharing it. I like hearing about others traditions and country.

gildedangel said...

This is an awesome giveaway! How do you want us to enter? You have followers that follow you privately, meaning that you don't see their picture under followers, but they do follow you. When you click on their profile, it shows that they follow you. Those sweets look delicious! I had no idea about that tradition, thank you for sharing it with us! Could you share more things like that in conjuction with your nail posts? That would be really cool!

Berry T said...

Dear all,
Thanks for letting me know about the private followers.
I had no idea about that!
I've included a entry form at the bottom of the post, so pls do enter your names in!

you're most welcome! I love the cupcakes too! In fact I couldnt bear to eat the sweet little thing!

thriszha, rebie, amarena,
thanks so much for following the blog =)
pls remember to enter yourselves in the new entry box!

Lucy, gildedangel,
Thanks so much dears for highlighting about the entry & following bit!
Blur me had no idea. I was just going to do a simple "close my eyes & random draw" of those followers that I could see. I didn't even know that you could follow privately!
Pls do remember to enter yourselves as well k! You've been totally awesome!
I promise I will add on some notes about customs, traditions, cultures & our way of living occasionally =)

Evil Angel said...

Those cupcakes look yummy!

jhoannz said...

nice give away!

Berry T said...

i couldn't bear to eat mine! its still sitting on my desk =P

pls do enter for a shot at the prizes then k =)

elashaw said...

those cupcakes look divine! i've been totally into cupcake making as of late, even ventured into cake pops/cake balls! they've been coming out to sweet though

christihippekip said...

thanks for this giveaway! love those cupcakes.. they are so cute!

Berry T said...

yes, it was divine! I finally got down to eating it & it tasted as wonderful as it looked! I love cake pops! Always thought it was a great bake idea!

You're most welcome! stay tuned for the winner =)

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