Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Another quick and easy nail art design
Love the colours, but not too pleased with the overall result.

As you should be able to guess from the title of this post, RBL Mismas was used =)
The other OPI is L00 Alphine Snow.
This one is fast becoming my fave white nail art polish.


I can see what the RBL hype is about.
I've never had another creme that applies as smoothly.
This is what I call butter-smooth-goodness.
AND this is only 1 COAT!!
I've never had one coater polishes until RBLs....

I was so pleased until I spotted bubbling on my thumb! =(
So the thumb design is a little screwy cos I was trying to cover the bubbling up.
HEH. I figured I can still pass off screwy dots as being creative.
Its harder to pass off bubbling =P

Pic of the right hand just cos the sun was there =)


gildedangel said...

Why don't you like it? I think that it is really cute! Isn't Alpine Snow fantastic for nail art?!

Berry T said...


yep! LOVE Alphine Snow! Its wonderfully versatile for nail art!

hee... I suspect its cos I know the thumb has bubbles, that kinda bugs me =)

Lucy said...

I can't see any bubbles. You shouldn't be so tough on yourself. Love the design and the polish.

Berry T said...

Thanks Lucy dear *hugs*
I have a tendency to wanna do everything right. Will tell myself that its ok.
PLUS, you guys just give me good vibes =)

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