Monday, September 21, 2009

Mini Purge

So I'm running outta space to store some of my pretties and I said purge!
BUT when I got down to doing it, it was painful.
I'll take one out then put it back countless times.
So I'm starting the purge small or I'll hyperventilate =P
I'll probably have to add on in the very near future though

I prefer swapping actually, although I have no idea how this will solve the space problem but there's a reason.
It's just that nail polish in Singapore is just that bit more expensive, plus I had to ship some of them so it doesn't make much sense to me to put them up for re-sale.
Nevertheless, I've put a price tag (in Singapore dollars) to all and am okay if you wanna buy them instead.
Paypal only for international.
Locals, you have added option of POSB transfer.
I've also done a wishlist at the side, but you can always try swapping with others =)

I don't mind doing international shipping but you'll have to give me some time to check out the shipping rates k
My office's quite near a post office so that shouldn't be a big problem.

I've done something similar before and had the problem of who wanted what first so I really would like to avoid that this time.
So I'll really appreciate it if you could list those that you want in the comments section.
This way, everyone can see =)
And please do leave me an email so that I can get back to you.

ok, so here goes:

Grass Green Glitter (about 90% left) - $12

All swatched 1X:
Skin Food Milk Prism Nail Charcoal Holo - $10
Beauty Credit Platinum (holo) - $7

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Sheer Ivory (BN) - $2
Revlon Wine with Everything - $4
(I can't tell how much is left but I'll say at least still more than 50%)
L'Oread Jet-Set Quick Dry Cyclamen (up to the word Paris) - $4

All Brand New:
Orly French Manicure JeT'aime - $10
Orly White Tips - $10

All Brand New:
Voxy Dancing Fairies - $10
Voxy Mystique - $10
Voxy Cosmic Emerald - $10

Glitter shots of these

Both swatched 1X:
Voxy Twilight Zone - $8
Voxy Blessed - $8

Here comes the OPIs:
Heart of Gold (up to about middle of the OPI) - $8
Funny Bunny (about 90%) - $9
How to Jamaica Million (BN) - $12
Play til Midnight (swatched 1X) - $10

Affair in Red Square (BN) - $12
St Petersburgunsy (about 80%) - $8
Suzy says Da! (BN) - $12

Kreme de la Kremlim (around middle of the OPI word) - $8
Kreme de la Kremlim (BN) - $12
Rumble for your Thoughts (around the bottom of the OPI word) - $8

All Brand New:
You're a Doll - $12
Mod Hatter - $12
Glamour Game - $12

All Brand New:
I'm a Princess, You're Not - $12
Your Royal Shyness - $12
Princesses Rule - (pending)


Berry T said...


didn't realise that I had an email for Octa Gone Wild before I did this post, so that's being reserved already.

adele said...

Hi there, I have an OPI Ink and OPI Blushingham Palace, would you like to swop? I'm from Singapore too. (:

Iris said...


I'm interested in the Nubars:

purple beach & indigo illusion.

Are they still available?

Email me at:



Berry T said...

adele, Iris,

Email-ed you.
Thanks for your interest dears! =)

Polished Museaholic said...


I'd be intrested in the color club revvvolution- or maybe we can do a little swap?

PS: i'm the winner of your giveaway- maybe you can add this little beauty to save some money on postage?^^

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