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Inconsiderate people, previous hauls and other things in store

Today's post is quite "rojak" - there's hauls, notes about future posts, blah blah blah

For non-locals, "rojak" is a Malay word for mixture.
Singapore's sorta a melting pot.
The main races here: Chinese, Malays and Indians
There's a handful of Eurasians and numbers of foreign expats staying here for a while have also gone up quite significantly in recent times.
(In my humble opinion) one of the best evidence of this melting pot; stand among a crowd of Singaporeans and listen to them speak informally. It'll most likely be a mix of English, Malay plus some Chinese dialects.

Rojak is also the name of a local Malay dish that Singaporeans like, our version of the salad =)
Rojak's usually a mixture of cucumbers, bean sprouts, pineapple, white radish, fried dough fritters and dried beancurd stirred in a prawn paste, topped off with chopped peanuts.
Photo credit: Pic taken from

ummm... I'm guessing that quite a few of you are reading this blog for the nail art.
But I thought that perhaps once in a while, I'll put in some other stuff as well, so that I could share what life is like over here in our little sunny island.
Do let me know if this is a good idea or if you guys just wanna read about nail stuff =)

So back to the nail stuff then.
This week has been quite a good haul week.
Well... No-buy has sorta disintegrated into Low-buy =P

Okie, 1st up from Watson's (our local drugstore)
My mummy joined as a member recently, so she had some coupons which she passed to me "for my nail stuff" (her words)
Rimmel 60 seconds, 819 Green with Envy
and Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover.

Read somewhere that the SH Remover is one of the cheaper and better versions around.
We'll see...

Then I dropped by Sasa (this is our local beauty thrift store) and got these.
Its buy 2 get 1 free, and only came up to $10.

Well... I was more interested in the 2 flakies but since I've another free, I picked up the silver bottle.

Hopefully these 2 flakies can kill a little of the Nfu-Oh lemmings...

Speaking of Nfu-Oh, its available in Singapore, but its damn ridiculously expensive.
How much you ask?
Let's just put it this way - My 6 RBLs shipped are just that tiny bit cheaper than if I were to get the same number of Nfu-Ohs.
Another indication of how much - If fabuloustreet is able to ship them to Sg, it'll still be much cheaper than if I were to get them here?! Doesn't make sense right?!
Unfortunately, fabuloustreet isn't able to send them cos of distributor rights (there's one here so they can't ship here)
*heaving a BIG sigh*

Something else that bugged me.
Sometimes, we hear about things that "Ugly Singaporeans" do.
I'm not proud of this.
(Not trying to be defensive here either, but sometimes, I also think that there are such horrible people every where around the world)

I borrowed a couple of nail art books from my neighbourhood library recently and these had really lovely nail art designs.
Well, you probably can spot some from the pics.
Really love to try out some in the near future.
In fact, some of the nail art designs must have been so good that SOMEONE CUT THEM OUTTA THE BOOK!
Not 1 but several pages in fact!

Whoever you are, SHAME ON YOU!

Its really says that you're an inconsiderate and selfish person.
I wonder what the hell you were taught?!
And I hope, you'll never teach the same to your children if you have kids.

Just because its a library book and the librarians don't check when you return them DOES NOT give you the right to mutilate the books!

And for Christ's sake, if you really like the design, can't you just zap a copy or take a picture of it?!

Sorry guys, such inconsiderate acts really gets my back up...
*fuming mad here*

well, on a happier note:
My parents are coming back today from their 2nd honeymoon, so the camera's going to be back in nail action very soon =)
As I've mentioned earlier, this has been a pretty good haul week;
I've got OPI Are you a Movie Star, a couple of Orlys, some Essies plus 2 Skinfood holos.
Pics of these coming right up =)

And with the OPI pic, I've got some really great news for those of you (esp those of you who are over in the States) who are dying to get your hands on those OPI Japan Exclusives!

Plus, I'm doing a giveaway soon to my followers to celebrate my 100th post =)
(this one's #93)
So stay tuned!


Evil Angel said...

The Rojak looks yummy, very nice haul and boo to the book mutilator! I think it's great to say a bit about what is going on in your life in your blog!

Lucy said...

There's one problem with your posting a picture of the food, I can't taste it! Looks delicious. I don't mind a mix of things at all. Nice little haul you made there. That's nice that your parents went on a second honeymoon. Pictures please? I hate when people do that to books. I used to work in a library and people do much worse, especially men if you know what I mean. Ugh.

Berry T said...

Evil angel, Lucy,

Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to add some other stuff once in a while to spice things up =)

skgoh said...

The person that cut the pictures out of the book ought to be smacked!!! You need to report it when you return the book, otherwise you might get in trouble for the damage that you didn't do to the book.

skgoh said...

The person that damaged the book ought to be smacked! You should report the damage done to the book when you return or you might get into trouble for something you didn't do.

Pam said...

what book is this those designs look awesome, loving your blog to btw.

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