Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are You a Movie Star

I've been busy lately.
So busy that I didn't have time to sit down for a proper nail art session.
Instead, I just slapped on 2 different polishes from the untried stash
& I'm totally IN LOVE with it!!

Layered OPI Are You a Movie Star over OPI Midnight in Moscow

And here's the result of such a combination =)

I'm wondering if I need a back-up of Are You a Movie Star.
It's absolutely HOT!
Its the best glitter polish I've tried so far.
I can't stop staring at my nails.
*ignore any typos, staring as I'm typing*

Holo glitters with larger hexagonal holo glitters + those thin tiny bar-like glitters in a sheer pink base.
Someone should send a letter to OPI and demand that this baby be made available everywhere!
Its an absolute shame that such a beauty is country exclusive

heh... shouldn't ignore the other OPI used but well, Midnight in Moscow isn't as awesome as Are You a Movie Star
Midnight in Moscow is a very dark brown that looks black most of the time.
There is very subtle red/burgundy shimmer but this only shows up in certain lighting and under strong sunlight. Nothing spectacular really.
Vampy - Yes
Pretty - Okay, esp when the red shimmer shows up
Application - Easy. I hardly have problems with OPIs anyway.
Awesome - Nah. It's probably going to end up on my purge list one day

So back to the awesome one.
This pic was taken at night with flash.
Just love this pic for the glitter goodness...

Blurred for more glitter shots

All right so enough of the nail stuff.
I know I just showed you guys some really adorable cupcakes just a while ago
but it seems to be the season for cute cupcakes recently.
I just got another one from yet another colleague.
She ordered quite a lot to give to her students as part of the Children's Day celebrations we had in school today, and there were leftovers.
erm... I realised it sorta looks like I took a bite outta the cake but I swear I didn't until after the photos were taken

Love those pretty stars.
They remind me of the colouring books I used to love when I was a kid.
And it'll probably look good as a nail art design as well! LOL!

AND a reminder if you haven't yet submitted your entry form for the giveaway.
Winner's going to be announced in the next post so stay tuned!

and a Happy Children's Day to all my readers!
Love the child in us (whether we're 6 or 60) and give all the little ones a hug! =)


Liz said...

That is a gorgeous color combo!! You totally need a back up of the glitter. :)
*takes a bite out of cupcake* YUM! :)

Evil Angel said...

I love the combo and I admit I took a bite out of the cupcake!

gildedangel said...

That is gorgeous!

Evil Angel said...

Hehe I just tagged you! Check my blog for details!

Lucy said...

Very pretty manicure. Glitter looks gorgeous layered over anything. Just like stars on the cupcake. Which by the way looks good enough to eat.

Berry T said...

Liz, evil angel, gildedangel (jeez... 2 angels!), Lucy

Thanks! I've just got more of the OPI Japan glitters! More combos coming up!

gotcha tag! I'll get to it soon!

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