Monday, September 7, 2009

The 2nd Konad Experiment

This is for Lucy, who requested for Bo-Jangles to be swatched =)

The 1st 3 pics are taken under natural sunlight.
Bo-jangles took 4 coats to be completely opaque, and there were no issues with application.

The next 4 photos were taken in daylight, indoors.
Its a pretty pinkish-coral with slight duochrome, turning an orangy gold.

Since I had time on my hands today, plus the idea of konad-ing falling leaves kinda stuck in my head, I dug out my Konad kit.

It's my 2nd attempt at konad & I'm not exactly too happy with the result.
The last finger is smudged pretty badly when I went over with the topcoat.
Guess I didn't float a thick enough layer...
The middle 3 fingers look like a haphazard mess

Indoor, daylight pics.
I actually took longer than when I used my stripers & dotting tools!
Definitely need more practice....


thriszha said...

I LOVE the color combination u made...well done =)

Lucy said...

Thanks for swatching so fast. That's a gorgeous shade on you. It looks beautiful as a base for your leaves. That's a gorgeous Fall manicure. You've done a beautiful job. How did you make the leaves?

Inbaluly said...

it's so pretty! maybe it's not perfect - but it's still much better than my poor results in stamping. I love the colors you picked for this lonad work. :-)

Berry T said...

Thank you dear! Glad you liked them =)

You're most welcome.
The leaves were stamped using Konad plate m20. No way otherwise I'll get such even leaves done =P

Practice! Plus a lot of quick movements & rolling motions! Those were the tips that I picked up from MUA. Hope this helps =)

gildedangel said...

Very cute! Your mani makes me excited for fall!

Berry T said...

hee... glad that it did =)
plus, the polish collections coming out this fall makes it all the more exciting

contests and such said...

I really like this! A LOT!!! Great job.

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