Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 random things about me

missnono from Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss tagged me to do this 10 random things about me post.

This is my 1st tag and I'm really really honoured.
I mean, I've been reading nail blogs for awhile & these are like my nail gurus.
I know a lot of polish blogs have already been tagged to do this, and everytime it gives me joy to read about the person behind those nails.
So its like "WOW! I got tagged too?!"

anyway (and before I ramble too much),
I once got tagged by a good friend to do a similar thing on facebook
so I'll just pull out 10 that I did then =)

1) I’m a coffee addict. I can drink up to 6 cups a day and still be able to sleep soundly at 11 pm. If you see me barely functioning, chances are I didn’t get to my wake-up cuppa that day. Coke and tea will do too, but its not as potent or enjoyable as good, black coffee. Regular coke only. Coke-light can never do. If caffine ever becomes a banned drug, I’m in serious deep shit.

2) I’ve always wanted to become a doctor. A surgeon to be exact. In Bio class, I’ll be the one of the first to volunteer to dissect the frog or whatever else is up there. Many friends will probably say a prayer of thanks that I ended up being a counsellor instead.

3) There was a time when we were so poor, all we had for meals was peanut butter and maybe bread. Obviously, peanut butter never made it to my list of favourite foods.

4) I can cry in the movies. I can cry when watching the telly. I can cry when reading. I can even cry if I hear a really touching song. But my parents believe I have absolutely no sympathy when it comes to street beggers.

5) I have recurring dreams of falling from great heights. Sometimes, I grip really tight when on the escalators. I grip really tight when on the pole too

6) I deal with human, human-interaction/relationship problems so much at work that sometimes I don’t wanna interact with people anymore after office hours. No offence intended people, even ma and pa get the treatment sometimes.
(now this part is added onto the FB version)
Sometimes, my nail art designs reflect the level of "stress" that I'm in; the crazier the art, the more hermit I usually am.

7) I’m terrified of insects, especially those that can fly. I ran out of the shower once cos of a monstrous cockroach. Soap suds and towel. At least I still had the sense to grab the towel.
Another note about insects.
My mum sprayed insecticide on my head when I was infected with lice in primary school at 8 yrs.
Ma’s defence; She thought: Lice = Insect. Kill Insect = Bygone (our local insecticide brand). Their advertising then must really have worked.

8) I’m lousy at remembering things, especially numbers. There was once I didn’t even remember my own mobile. Somehow, I managed to get a distinction for Maths in school.

9) I enjoy eating alone in a restaurant with a good book. There’s no one to disturb or hassle you while in the midst of a good murder plot. And yes, I’m a freak for crime thrillers, the more grisly the murder, the better.

10) I miss my grandmama.

okie, I'm supposed to tag other blogs that I like as well...
& like I said, alot of them are already tagged
so I've just got 2 & they're also on my blog roll =)

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Evil Angel said...

Now I adore you even more!

Berry T said...

awww.... i adore you too dear

Lucy said...

How interesting that you are a nail painting counselor. I'm asking a stupid question but does that mean your a doctor? I can imagine that listening to so many people and their baggage can be too much. What else besides reading and painting your nails relaxes you? Is it hard to keep other problems from affecting your life? Sorry I'm asking so many questions about counseling. I'm fascinated by the subject. I think if I had gone to school I would have made a good counselor. I have a horrid memory and that's why I couldn't go to school. Your an interesting person and I like getting to know you.

Berry T said...

hey, dun be sorry about asking. I love to hear from you guys and it gives me a high! I even peek in when I'm supposed to be hard at work =P
Maybe one day I'll get my ass moving and work on a doctorate, but for now, nope, not a doc.
The other BIG love is pole dancing. My close friends get a kick outta me being a nail painting, pole dancing counsellor.
And when the mood strikes, I can knit up a storm too =)
hmmm....I've been in the field for almost 8 years *gosh* so I've kinda learnt to detach myself when I'm done. Its professionalism plus it keeps us sane. Otherwise we'll head for the burn-out bin. That being said, there are still times when a particular client, case or situation would still get to me. There are times too when I wanna smack their heads for certain stuff. (Of cos I never did).
I really sorry to hear that you have a bad experience, that really sucks *hugs*

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