Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recovered from the trash bin...

Mummy almost threw these few bottles out!
Thanks goodness, I saw them & saved them!
Revlon 711 Wine with Everything,
L'Oreal 212 Cyclamen,
OPI V13 Heart of Gold
and OPI R56 Ruble for your thoughts

I think some of these were from quite a while ago...
Okay, I'm not totally sure about the Revlon and the L'Oreal
but I don't see L'Oreals like these anymore.
I definitely know that the OPI V16 Heart of Gold has been discontinued though!

Blurred pic to show the glitta in that OPI =)

hee... new hauls without having to pay for it =P

p/s: Its raining again today.
Wonderful day to sleep in but no sun to take pic of my current NOTD which I'm going to use to enter another nail art contest.
I've already got back-up pics for those "just-in-case" situations
but hopefully the sun comes out tomorrow & I'll get down to post it =)

have a great week ahead guys!


nirfreak03 said...

Phew! Good save! You really got lucky with these finds. Just wish i could rescue all the ones i threw out years ago, before i knew better! (T_T)

Berry T said...

I'm can feel you dear...
My heart aches when I think of all those from long ago...
*if only there was a time machine for NP*

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