Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick haul post

Quick post about a very quick haul i did today.
Happened to be at AMK Hub while on the way back to work,
& walked past this little shop called Beauty Credit.
Gave it a quick glance & the rest as they say is history.

Apparently its another Korean brand.
I swear I spent probably about 5 minutes in that place (ncluding the transaction),
so I dun really have a clear idea what else there is,
but I picked up 3 nail polishes.

Then another few steps,
& yet another nail polish store, O2 Skin.
Got 1 bottle on the quick as it caught my eye,
& the best part was only $1.90!

So here's the pic of the haul
BC Blue Drop,
BC Spring Pink,
BC Platinum SV01 (think that's the name & code,
and the O2 Skin that doesn't have name nor code.

And since it was available,
glitter pics


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