Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Piggy Joy

Not too sure about today's NOTD actually,
you guys can let me know whether this stays on k...

Actually intended for today's nail art as a celebration
1st, cos the temperature taking exercise in school has finally come to an end!!
*YAY! No need to be in school super early!*
and 2nd, cos it feels like bloggie day today!

Got complimented on my other blog on MUA
AND logged to find that I have my 1st 4 followers!!
thanks so much for reading!! *waves*

well, so i decided to go along with something cute and fun
plus I was inspired by Steph over at Nail Juice with her poodle decals
so I hauled out the piggy ones that I bought some time back

here's pic of the polish used
NARS Hot Voodoo,
Poshe Base and Top coats

Pic of the stickers 1st, reviews later...

Closer look at the stickers...
Close up of the thumb design

okay, these are one of the cutest piggy stickers that I have seen,
but seriously the lousiest that I have ever used by far.
1st, the decals were hard to peel off.
There was a particular one that I spent a good 5 minutes trying to pry off.
2nd, they tear easily and maybe this has got to do with the prying bit.
3rd, the decals were really stiff and don't adhere properly to the curve of the nail.
The one on my index literally looks like its going to fly off the nail
(unless that was the manufacturer's idea).
Otherwise, they're seriously cute.
Such a shame...

Well, as for the nail polish,
I haven't quite made up my mind whether I like this one.
Application was butter smooth, it's the colour that's kinda bothering me.
hmmm.... give it another chance?

Oh... and if you hadn't noticed, my nails have been chopped again


nirfreak03 said...

awww... such cute piggies!! it's a real shame you had difficulty using them. i've always been a bit apprehensive in using ones such as those. but i think the color of the polish is very pretty. definitely one you don't see everyday. maybe great for konading?
sorry for rambling :p

Berry T said...

heh... dun mind the ramblings dear, as long as they're not 5 pages long *wink & grinz*
yeah, they're downright cuties but a pain! Literally! The "flying" index one just poked me in the eye!
& great suggestion for konad! thanks! gonna see what I can do

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