Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nail Tek 7 Days to Beautiful Hands Absorption-Enhancing Masque

today's post is somethg slightly different
its not abt nail polish or nail art
but abt treatment instead

introducing the Nail Tek 7 Days to Beautiful Hands Absorption-Enhancing Masque
*man... wat a mouthful (type-ful)*
got tis treatment set from e earlier head2toe spree
but no chance to try out till today
hee... cos no pole class for 2 weeks since jitterbugs is shifting

anyway, my hands hv been suffering from e numerous hand washing as a result of school's temp taking exercise
its become super dry
plus it doesnt help tat i often rely on grip powder while pole-ing
those stuff cn b super drying too

tis one's quite easy to use
step 1: Apply e Advanced Hydrating Creme from slightly above e wrist to the fingers up to the first knuckles.
well... tis is according to e instructions
but i went all e way up to my last knuckles
*my fingers really needed some tender loving care*

step 2: Quickly apply a thin layer of e Absoprtion Enhancing Masque
u really need to do tis part quite quickly
& jus a thin layer will do

sorry, i dun hv pics after tis
cos my hands were all covered with e stuff
& i didnt want to ruin my camera

step 3: Go ahead with your normal manicure routine
i.e. your filing, buffing & stuff like tat

step 4: Just before applying polish, remove e masque using a rubbing and peeling action

it says 7 days to beautiful hands
well... after e 1st try today, i'm quite hopeful
cos i liked how my hands seemed to feel smoother
i also like how it doesnt exactly leave behind a greasy feeling

e only grouse i mgt have is e application of e masque itself
like i said, u really need to b quick in spreading e masque
cos e thg cn dry quite fast

kekeke.. thou e rubbing & peeling off was quite therapeutic for me
felt as thou i was shedding off e unwanted skin =P
lets hope there's improvements with time

& some nail loots to show as well

Estessimo Tins:
064 The Immediately Sexy
052 Coco's Shopping
013 The Relax Mint
066 The Neo-Vintage Dress

close-ups of e nail art stickers
& a FOC packet of clear rhinestones

more nail stickers

& these are e lace nail stickers


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