Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nail Care Workshop

signed up for a Sally Hansen Nail Care workshop tis morning
hauled myself outta bed at an ungodly hour for it as well

1st up, my goodie bag

from top, clockwise:
e bright cheery Sally Hansen paper bag,
Nail Quencher Hydrating Base Coat,
Airbrush Legs,
Hard as Nails in Sheer Ivory
*was kinda disappointed tat tis was e blah colour tat was given out*,
plastic manicure bowl,
plastic sheet,
orange stick,
emery board,
& a *yet again* cheery orange towel

ok opinions on e workshop
well, i learnt some useful tips
like e proper way to remove nail polish
*although i still prefer my own method since its faster*
& i also liked e bit about pampering & treatment care
(i mgt just run out to get e "manicure/pedicure in a minute" scrub thg)

however, there are some parts tat i didnt quite agree with e trainer
such as colour choice
well, i mean sure, u prob shld choose colours tat suit your skin tone & stuff
but for a nail polish junkie like me
such an advice prob falls on deaf ears
i'll rather go for colours i like or tat suit me for that particular mood or occasion ya
why e hell would i wanna get stuck with a bunch of similar toned polish for??
that's so boooring!

another thg tat stuck in my craw
many of e polish bottles tat were provided for use during e practical parts were thick, goopy, dried out & really really an annoyance to apply
e kind which u know were either really really old polish,
or had been left exposed for a substantial amount of time

com'on Sally Hansen
surely u guys cld have done better than tat
i wld think tat u wld make use of such an opportunity to promote how wonderfully smooth & easy it is to use ur brand's nail polish
seriously i dun think you won any fans in e polish dept
in fact, for me it was along e lines of "OMG! u mean this is how it mgt be if i had bought tat Sally Hansen 3 months ago?"

tsk! tsk!


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