Monday, August 31, 2009

My Alter Ego

Sorry guys, still rainy today so I couldn't get any sunlight pics.
& I just know that if I continue to hang on waiting for the sun, I'll do somthing stupid like bash my nails, blah blah...
As it is, there is already very slight tipwear...

This particular post is also intended for the Illamasqua Nail Art Contest

ok, another story re inspiration behind this set.
My pole studio (Jitterbugs) has just moved to a new (rather prime) location.
On good days (for the mall), there's a steady stream of movie-goers.

Unfortunately, our studio isn't a 100% ready yet.
So sparkling new full-length glass panels, spanking new poles, glossy parquet flooring....
What that means is that every Tom, Dick & Harry (Mary, Jane & Lucy too) who walks past gets a watch the entire class in progress!
Best thing is, the studio's located right in front of where the dining areas are!!

Up till now, we've always had classes behind curtains, so we were all horrified to find out that the curtains were not ready yet.
In all honesty, I wouldn't have minded it that much if people didn't put their faces up against the glass panels to gawk or get down to some funny stuff.
There were some people who actually took photos...

But well, this provided me with just the inspiration.
So My Alter Ego would be a bold, sexy, come-hilter, kick-ass pole dancer who rocks all the attention that she can get...

If you read one of my earlier posts, you would have known that our pole class put up a semi performance and the colours used then for our costume was red, black and white.
So in honour of my wonderful class of girls, I stuck to the same colour combination.

From left to right:
Estessimo TINs 012 The Happy Milk,
Colour Club 489 Ruby Slippers
OPI Loo Alphine Snow,
Cheap White Nail Art Striper,
Art Club Nail Art Striper NA69 Red on Red,
Art Club Nail Art Striper NA02,
Brush and Dotting tool.

NOTD: My Alter Ego.
The black line down the middle represents the beloved pole =P
I've tried to indicate movement by "drawing out" some of the black.

The red & white lines depict the dancer's movements i.e. the hands, legs, tricks that are performed on the pole, etc...

Then the dots are the audience
(whether they are gawking I wouldn't know =P)

I really sorry the sun didn't wanna co-operate cos I really wanted to show you guys how it glittered.
But well, in these pics, I think you can see hints of the glitter.
*Just imagine them all sparkly k*
Its a totally OVER THE TOP nail art design since I wanted to encapsulate the attention-grabbing part as well...

and this one is just to try to show the thumb design a little better.

And just to give you guys an idea of what I meant by the dancer's movements, and/or what pole dancing is about,
here's a clip of the choreography that we're learning right now.
Linna's our totally fab & graceful teacher (she's the one in yellow)
Jasmine's the other co-teacher in class.
Note, Jas just came back from overseas & picked up all those bits she did in that one single hour!


thriszha said...

this is so FAB NAILS.. i love it.. u really did a great job!!! anyways have a great monday!!

loungie said...

*lol* dinner & show!

I love your naildesign, it looks fabulous!

loungie said...

btw I love that song!

Berry T said...

Thanks for your wonderful compliments! You have yourself a great week ahead too! =)

welcome to my blog! yep, I told my classmates too that we should charge for providing dinner entertainment! =P

Pam said...

This design is awesome, going to be hard to top.

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


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