Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 1st RBL: Revamp

As promised, pic of my current NOTD
well, the sun was kinda tempermental today
but managed to catch a little sunshine in an otherwise generally overcast day

Nevertheless, these were the best shots that I could get
Its a little hard to capture the red glitters
they're that subtle & shy =P

I'm really in love with this one
Its black based with the subtle red glitters winking out
sorta gives me the impression of simmering passion

anyway, found out today that Revamp is also currently known as Black Russian
apparently there was a name change

Its a pity that RBLs are so costly
even the shipping is high
way too high for me to justify getting in a proper order
so I can only hope for some miracle to happen
& that the upcoming Bloggers Editions would come my way...
*all fingers & toes crossed*


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