Sunday, August 23, 2009

My 1st attempt at Konad

Attempted my 1st Konad last nite.
It wasn't one of my best NP days;
somehow I kept making those application mistakes like pooling at cuticles, smudging, blah blah blah.
Plus I think it was one of the most humid nights so I also ended up with bubbling.

So given all the frustrations,
I'm ok with the end result even though I think I still need more practice with the Konad.

Pic of the NP & Konad plate used.
Konad Princess Special White Polish,
OPI Y01 Baby Blue,
OPI R66 Reflecting Pool,
Etude House Mini Heel Pedicure 02 for the toes,
& Konad plate m59

Close-up pic of the items used.

This is my current Nail Art.
Only Konad-ed on my thumb and ring finger.
Not too confident of doing it for all fingers yet.

A close-up of the Konad that I did on the thumb.

OPI Y01 Baby blue is quite a pretty colour (that's the base colour used) but at least a 3 to 4 coater.
Application was a bitch, but again I suspect cos it just wasn't one of my best days...
I was trying to capture the gold flash of Y01 Baby Blue.
My camera couldn't pick it up that well, but I think you can still see hints of the gold flashing here.

Thank goodness, I had better luck with my toes
When I 1st laid eyes on swatches of Essie's Starry Starry Night, I've wanted it something fierce.
But since its's not likely that I'll ever get my hands on a bottle,
*not unless I'm willing to pay a ridiculous price for it on ebay*
I've been going around hunting for something similar

Not sure if this is close,
since I dun have SSN with me to compare.
But at the very least I'm pretty happy with this
& its sorta killed my lemming for SSN a little =P

Tried to get a shot of the glitter goodness


Anonymous said...

helo Berry!!I just found your blog!I realy love the combination of colours you used in your mani~

Berry T said...

hey there Katie!

Thanks so much for your compliments! Those colours really do rock! =)

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