Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lazy Day

been kinda lazy over e long weekend
wasn't even motivated to really do a proper nail art
so i just kinda slapped on some polish
& randomly stuck some nail art stickers

tis is OPI S38 Day at the Peach
e colour reminds me of e Designer Series Vintage
*mgt wanna do a comparison one day*

pic of e thumb design tat didnt come out clearly in e 1st pic

okie, here's some haul pics
got e OPI Yokohama collection yesterday

Y36 Swirl of Euphoria
Y31 Starbright Sparkles II
Y35 Vintage Violet
Y28 Pinkerbell

Y01 Baby Blue
Y32 Penny for your Thoughts
Y46 Sweet Love at Ferris Wheel
Y43 Bay Bridge Sunset

Y47 Yokohama Twilight
Y45 I Love Yokohama
Y44 Cherry Blossom

*i'm missing Y33 Blush of Adrenaline which will come to me soon*

then EZ Flow Acrylic Trial Kit
*got 2 monomers which are also supposed to come along with e missing Yokohama*

a couple of nail art stickers
well, its not very clear in e pic but tis was e best my camera cld do
will prob show up better on e nail
*cross fingers & hope*

& then some FOC stuff tat came along with e package
Cuccio Cuticle stick in Milk & Honey
& a mini OPI Rapi-dry topcoat

& lastly these are bottles which i picked up in Chinatown today while on a really really quickie lunch break
1st came across tis while in Beijing
never thot tat i'll lay eyes on them in Singapore
but here we go
*unfortunately these bottles have got no names on them*

ooohhh... p.s.
i came in 3rd for e nail art contest!!


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