Friday, August 28, 2009

Especially dedicated to...

misschristie & dreamtof of MUA =)
whose posts reminded me that I still have some Skin Food polishes in my untried stash,
as well as a particular nail art design that I had in mind for these particular 2 polishes...

1st up, bottle pic of the items used.
Sally Hansen Nail Quencher Hydrating Base Coat (on fingers),
Poshe Base Coat (on toes),
Skin Food Nail Vita BL511,
Skin Food Nail Vita BL503,
Light Gold Glitter Striper (didn't realise until recently that I've been spelling it something else altogether LOL!),
Poshe Top Coat.

I'm testing out the Sally Hansen Base Coat to see how hydrating it really is.
Will report on outcome after a few trials later k

NOTD then & I call this one the Cape of Good Hope.
Taken with the skies being overcast. AGAIN.
I swear, the skies conspire against me whenever I can do the sunlight pics.
This pic is the usual left hand

and here is the right hand which I struggled to take.

I did backup pics when I completed the mani last night,
so I might as well put them up also.
Left Hand taken in artificial light with flash

Left Hand in artificial light without flash.

Right hand in artificial light, flash on.
Right hand in artificial light, no flash.

Both colours needed 4 coats for it to be completely opaque.
Brush isnt the best, but I'm not complaining cos its one of the cheapest polishes around in Sg.
& I really love the colours.
Both have those tiny micro-shimmers for added oopmh.
I've got tipwear already,
but today has been a lousy day at work & for nails
plus I also tried on a new base coat
so I'm not altogether sure whether its the polish or something else totally.

And I just wanna share about the inspiration for this particular mani.
I went with a bunch of college mates for a Geography trip to South Africa.
It was my 1st overseas trip & I remember how much I enjoyed myself.

One of the most memorable moments was when we were at the Cape of Good Hope.
I still remember it was bitch cold, I was freezing & my teeth were chattering
but when I saw the merging of the Atlantic & Indian Oceans, I was mesmerized.
The wild fury of the seas, the blending of the colours (yeah one side is blue & the other's green, just don't remember which Ocean is what colour) against a backdrop of rugged mountains and cliffs.
I remember when we were there, the sky was overcast too
but that made it all the more surreal.
I didn't share this with anyone until now,
but then, I could picture a beautiful, powerful sorceress calling up the winds & whipping up the seas...
(yeah, sometimes I get carried away & my thoughts run wild like that)

well, enough of that reminiscing or I'll just ramble on.
& pls note that the photo of the Cape isn't mine.
I didn't have a digi-cam back then =)
This is taken off the Wikipedia site k
(If that's an issue, pls let me know k)

Back to the nail art,
the choice of colours are quite easy - they represent the 2 Oceans.
The starburst pattern is my way of capturing that moment of magic where my imagined sorceress casts her spells...

I hope to return to South Africa for another trip one day

The sun came out today bright & strong!
Ran downstairs in my excitement & got somemore pics =)
Left hand

Right hand.
Surprisingly this time round, all the pics of my right hand turned out better
(well.. if you ignore the camera strap)


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