Friday, August 21, 2009

Black, Charcoal, Grey Holo Comparisons

Realised that I have quite a few bottles of black, charcoal & grey holos in my untried stash,
so I decided I might as well do a comparison of them

1st up, bottle pic
Pls note that bottle pic is taken under artificial light.
Much as I would love to, I'm hardly able to take bottle pics in natural daylight cos of my time schedule...

Painted in order from pinky to thumb:
Colour Club Revvvolution with 2 coats,
Skin Food Milk Creamy Prism Nail 01AW1 with 2 coats,
Beauty Credit Platinum SV01 with 3 coats,
China Glaze Lets Do It in 3-D with 4 coats
& OPI B59 My Private Jet (e older holo version)with 3 coats,
although I suspect a 4th coat might have been better for the OPI.
The last bottle there (Freshcover in Cypress) is my current pedi

This one is taken under very weak sunlight.
I swear 80% of the time when I'm able to take daylight pics,
the sun would decide to hide behind the clouds or it would start raining... =(

Then this was done while waiting for the bus along Orchard Road (our main shopping district).
There was this sudden bright sun that came peeking through the trees,
so I kinda grabbed the opportunity to snap a shot.
Think the other people waiting along must be wondering what this mad girl was doing snapping pictures of her nails... LOL

Taken under artificial light.

Blurred pic for e holo goodness.

Since this is about comparisons:
In order from the most to least holo under direct sunlight:
China Glaze, OPI, Beauty Credit, Skin Food, Colour Club
well, the Skin Food and Colour Club are sorta tied in-place

In order from most to least holo indoors:
China Glaze, Beauty Credit, Skin Food, Colour Club, OPI
*interesting eh, thus i wanted to post this up*

In terms of ease of application, easiest to toughest:
OPI, Colour Club, Beauty Credit, Skin Food then China Glaze
*somehow, I always get drag and bald spots with the Kaleidoscope collection*

Amongst these, OPI is the only true black holo while the Beauty Credit one tends towards a silver grey although in the bottle, it looked distinctly greyer.
Colour Club was the next darkest in tone followed by Skin Food.
Personally, I like the Skin Food's colour.

My own personal perference taking all factors into account, from most fav to least
Skin Food, OPI, Colour Club, Beauty Credit and China Glaze

Lastly, a pic of my current pedi
Love It!
Grey base with blue glitters such that the end colour looks a pearlised shimmering slate


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