Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birthday Haul! KONAD KIT!!

*does a happy jig*

presenting my Konad Classic Collection II kit
*touted as Konad's new luxurious collection*

Package Includes:
a) 7 Image Plates: m20, m36, m45, m51, m53, m57, m59
b) 5 Princess Special Polishes (12 mL / 0.42 Fl.Oz)in Deep Jungle, Cool Red, Gold Black, Yellow, White
c) 1 Clear Top Coat (12 mL / 0.42 Fl.Oz)
d) 1 Image Plate Holder
e) 1 New Stamp
f) 2 Scrapers

then i hauled tis back from The Bodyshop using my birthday coupons

left to right:
1) FOC Strawberry Body Polish
2) FOC Hi-Shine Lip Treatment
3) Moisture White whitening moisture serum
4) Moisture White softening essence
5) Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash (x2 bottles)
6) Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash
7) FOC Pouch (in front of all e items)


awesomevegan said...

Oooooh you have some nice plates there. M57 is a favorite for many ladies. :)You can do quite a bit with it. :) I hope you have fun 'nadding!

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