Saturday, August 8, 2009

Big Eater Seafood Restaurant

ma & i had serious seafood craving
took e opportunity to also celebrate my birthday early
cos bro is now in Sweden as i type tis!

found tis gem of a place online
pretty cute decor & even thou its next to a super huge canal or sungei
*def aint a river*
it has a wonderfully relaxed & cosy al fresco atmosphere

Big Eater Seafood Restaurant
34 Jalan Pari Burong
*tat's at Upper Changi Road
tel: 6245 7268

my advice: drive there
or else take a cab from tanah merah MRT
there isn't exactly any other public transport nearby
but its worth a trip if you want really fresh seafood
from wat i understand, e place expanded very very quickly
& its still very very crowded at nights

we had a really big feast
but e entire meal only cost us $170
*round up to nearest tens somemore k!*
according to our bill, there's GST but no service charge!

their special seafood fried rice
we liked it
e seafood was fresh & abundant
& e rice was gd! not e soggy kind

nxt up, salted egg crab
apparently tis is their signature dish
ma & pa doesnt really like tis one
they prefer e salted egg crab from another place
i was e only one who enjoyed it actually
but we all admitted that e crab was fresh & yummy
jus differed abt taste preference of e salted egg sauce

& since bro doesnt like salted egg
we ordered a chilli crab for him
unfortunately, they ran outta man tou (fried bun)
i only took a spoonful of e chilli sauce
found it sufficiently spiced
but according to bro, while e dish was delicious
he still prefers e chilli crab from Long Beach Seafood

jiang chong tian ji (frog stir fried with spring onions)
tis is easily one of e best i've ever had
frog was super fresh & sweet!
our family's fav dish of tat nite =)

si ji dou (long beans stir fried with minced meat)
ok... tis one is e most disappointing dish
seriously, dun bother to try tis one
think u mgt do better with e sambal kang kong instead
none of us liked it at all

fu pi juan (fried beancurd skin with seafood stuffing)
ok tis one, eat while its hot
otherwise, nothing particularly fantastic
again, we had better ones before

& e final dish
boston lobster cooked in soup broth with crystal noodles
*well, e crystal noodles is a direct translation from wat e waiter told us k*
my fav of all e dishes!
e soup was super sweet from e lobster
i think btwn bro & myself, we prob finished 3-quarters of e pot
& e lobster was still amazingly sweet as well
& its only $35 for a lobster dish!

hee... pa already plans to come back for more good seafood deals =)


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