Sunday, August 2, 2009

Army Daze

i've tons of green polish tat i've been dying to try
so i wondered how i cld combine all those lovely shades into 1 nail art design
& then it struck me...

think its pretty cool myself! =P

used e following polishes:
OPI B69 Green-wich Village
OPI F15 You don't know Jacques
OPI C90 At your Quebec & Call
Nubar Forest
Nubar Greener
Nubar Wildlife

tis pic is of it glossy without any topcoat

wanted to mimic e old version of our NS guys army uniform
so used Nubar V for Men (Matte Finish Nail Protector) to give it a matte finish

took 1 comparison pic
thumb is glossy without topcoat
rest are already coated with e Matte finish

kekeke... fun pic of nails against e trees in e park below my apartment block

& going with e green theme
did my toes in Nubar Conserve


April and Ashley said...

I love your camoflage nails!

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