Monday, August 31, 2009

My Alter Ego

Sorry guys, still rainy today so I couldn't get any sunlight pics.
& I just know that if I continue to hang on waiting for the sun, I'll do somthing stupid like bash my nails, blah blah...
As it is, there is already very slight tipwear...

This particular post is also intended for the Illamasqua Nail Art Contest

ok, another story re inspiration behind this set.
My pole studio (Jitterbugs) has just moved to a new (rather prime) location.
On good days (for the mall), there's a steady stream of movie-goers.

Unfortunately, our studio isn't a 100% ready yet.
So sparkling new full-length glass panels, spanking new poles, glossy parquet flooring....
What that means is that every Tom, Dick & Harry (Mary, Jane & Lucy too) who walks past gets a watch the entire class in progress!
Best thing is, the studio's located right in front of where the dining areas are!!

Up till now, we've always had classes behind curtains, so we were all horrified to find out that the curtains were not ready yet.
In all honesty, I wouldn't have minded it that much if people didn't put their faces up against the glass panels to gawk or get down to some funny stuff.
There were some people who actually took photos...

But well, this provided me with just the inspiration.
So My Alter Ego would be a bold, sexy, come-hilter, kick-ass pole dancer who rocks all the attention that she can get...

If you read one of my earlier posts, you would have known that our pole class put up a semi performance and the colours used then for our costume was red, black and white.
So in honour of my wonderful class of girls, I stuck to the same colour combination.

From left to right:
Estessimo TINs 012 The Happy Milk,
Colour Club 489 Ruby Slippers
OPI Loo Alphine Snow,
Cheap White Nail Art Striper,
Art Club Nail Art Striper NA69 Red on Red,
Art Club Nail Art Striper NA02,
Brush and Dotting tool.

NOTD: My Alter Ego.
The black line down the middle represents the beloved pole =P
I've tried to indicate movement by "drawing out" some of the black.

The red & white lines depict the dancer's movements i.e. the hands, legs, tricks that are performed on the pole, etc...

Then the dots are the audience
(whether they are gawking I wouldn't know =P)

I really sorry the sun didn't wanna co-operate cos I really wanted to show you guys how it glittered.
But well, in these pics, I think you can see hints of the glitter.
*Just imagine them all sparkly k*
Its a totally OVER THE TOP nail art design since I wanted to encapsulate the attention-grabbing part as well...

and this one is just to try to show the thumb design a little better.

And just to give you guys an idea of what I meant by the dancer's movements, and/or what pole dancing is about,
here's a clip of the choreography that we're learning right now.
Linna's our totally fab & graceful teacher (she's the one in yellow)
Jasmine's the other co-teacher in class.
Note, Jas just came back from overseas & picked up all those bits she did in that one single hour!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recovered from the trash bin...

Mummy almost threw these few bottles out!
Thanks goodness, I saw them & saved them!
Revlon 711 Wine with Everything,
L'Oreal 212 Cyclamen,
OPI V13 Heart of Gold
and OPI R56 Ruble for your thoughts

I think some of these were from quite a while ago...
Okay, I'm not totally sure about the Revlon and the L'Oreal
but I don't see L'Oreals like these anymore.
I definitely know that the OPI V16 Heart of Gold has been discontinued though!

Blurred pic to show the glitta in that OPI =)

hee... new hauls without having to pay for it =P

p/s: Its raining again today.
Wonderful day to sleep in but no sun to take pic of my current NOTD which I'm going to use to enter another nail art contest.
I've already got back-up pics for those "just-in-case" situations
but hopefully the sun comes out tomorrow & I'll get down to post it =)

have a great week ahead guys!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Especially dedicated to...

misschristie & dreamtof of MUA =)
whose posts reminded me that I still have some Skin Food polishes in my untried stash,
as well as a particular nail art design that I had in mind for these particular 2 polishes...

1st up, bottle pic of the items used.
Sally Hansen Nail Quencher Hydrating Base Coat (on fingers),
Poshe Base Coat (on toes),
Skin Food Nail Vita BL511,
Skin Food Nail Vita BL503,
Light Gold Glitter Striper (didn't realise until recently that I've been spelling it something else altogether LOL!),
Poshe Top Coat.

I'm testing out the Sally Hansen Base Coat to see how hydrating it really is.
Will report on outcome after a few trials later k

NOTD then & I call this one the Cape of Good Hope.
Taken with the skies being overcast. AGAIN.
I swear, the skies conspire against me whenever I can do the sunlight pics.
This pic is the usual left hand

and here is the right hand which I struggled to take.

I did backup pics when I completed the mani last night,
so I might as well put them up also.
Left Hand taken in artificial light with flash

Left Hand in artificial light without flash.

Right hand in artificial light, flash on.
Right hand in artificial light, no flash.

Both colours needed 4 coats for it to be completely opaque.
Brush isnt the best, but I'm not complaining cos its one of the cheapest polishes around in Sg.
& I really love the colours.
Both have those tiny micro-shimmers for added oopmh.
I've got tipwear already,
but today has been a lousy day at work & for nails
plus I also tried on a new base coat
so I'm not altogether sure whether its the polish or something else totally.

And I just wanna share about the inspiration for this particular mani.
I went with a bunch of college mates for a Geography trip to South Africa.
It was my 1st overseas trip & I remember how much I enjoyed myself.

One of the most memorable moments was when we were at the Cape of Good Hope.
I still remember it was bitch cold, I was freezing & my teeth were chattering
but when I saw the merging of the Atlantic & Indian Oceans, I was mesmerized.
The wild fury of the seas, the blending of the colours (yeah one side is blue & the other's green, just don't remember which Ocean is what colour) against a backdrop of rugged mountains and cliffs.
I remember when we were there, the sky was overcast too
but that made it all the more surreal.
I didn't share this with anyone until now,
but then, I could picture a beautiful, powerful sorceress calling up the winds & whipping up the seas...
(yeah, sometimes I get carried away & my thoughts run wild like that)

well, enough of that reminiscing or I'll just ramble on.
& pls note that the photo of the Cape isn't mine.
I didn't have a digi-cam back then =)
This is taken off the Wikipedia site k
(If that's an issue, pls let me know k)

Back to the nail art,
the choice of colours are quite easy - they represent the 2 Oceans.
The starburst pattern is my way of capturing that moment of magic where my imagined sorceress casts her spells...

I hope to return to South Africa for another trip one day

The sun came out today bright & strong!
Ran downstairs in my excitement & got somemore pics =)
Left hand

Right hand.
Surprisingly this time round, all the pics of my right hand turned out better
(well.. if you ignore the camera strap)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello Kitty

Just had to post this one up for all the Hello Kitty fans
*waves to Estben!*

I'm not much of a Hello Kitty fan,
but when I saw these, I thought these were just too adorable to pass up.

Don't the 2 middle ones look similar?
I spent like a good few minutes standing at the counter trying to differentiate the bottles apart.
Unfortunately, the SA wasn't very helpful.
1st it took me a while to catch the eye of one to help,
& she couldn't tell any difference at all!

This one is taken with flash & it makes the difference between the 2 bottles just that wee bit more visible.

These are available at Plaza Singapore, 3rd level, John Little/Robinsons
Can't exactly recall which one it is now since they're sister companies,
plus I get them mixed up all the time.
But its directly above Marks & Spencers.
Its $5.90 each, and there are only a few bottles left.
Note there are another 2 different ones at the counter; one in silver glitters & yet another pink one.
Didn't pick those up cos well... kinda pink overdose & I really dun need another silver glitter.

p/s mani update:
The piggy on my index finger really flew off while I was doing pole tonight *laughs*

Glitter/Holo week, Sept inspirations and a X'mas exchange

All right, this is just a quick post since I'm at work.
hee... trying to take my mind off a presentation I'm doing later =P

News from the Nail Board on MUA:

KonadTheBarbarian has declared that next week (beginning 31st August) will be a Glitter/Holo week!
I'm absolutely excited about this cos I think I have tons in my untried stash still!
So come next week, you'll probably get to see some of the OPI DS and Estessimo TINS that I still haven't played with yet

Also missnono has come up with a mani inspiration calendar for Sept 2009
As a challenge to myself, I'm going to try to stick to it whenever I get to change my nail art k!
Thanks missnono!

And lastly, helping to spread the word about an upcoming X'mas exchange!
This is for Nail Polish Bloggers out there and I think the deadline is 14 Sept.

Well... I know I'm relatively new in the blog scene and its still kinda early for X'mas,
but I'll like to do whatever I can to share polish joy and I'm a strong believer in X'mas joys!
*hee... I actually shop for X'mas presents throughout the year*

Click HERE to find out more and to sign up =)

All right, that's it for now!
Gotta get back to that presentation!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Piggy Joy

Not too sure about today's NOTD actually,
you guys can let me know whether this stays on k...

Actually intended for today's nail art as a celebration
1st, cos the temperature taking exercise in school has finally come to an end!!
*YAY! No need to be in school super early!*
and 2nd, cos it feels like bloggie day today!

Got complimented on my other blog on MUA
AND logged to find that I have my 1st 4 followers!!
thanks so much for reading!! *waves*

well, so i decided to go along with something cute and fun
plus I was inspired by Steph over at Nail Juice with her poodle decals
so I hauled out the piggy ones that I bought some time back

here's pic of the polish used
NARS Hot Voodoo,
Poshe Base and Top coats

Pic of the stickers 1st, reviews later...

Closer look at the stickers...
Close up of the thumb design

okay, these are one of the cutest piggy stickers that I have seen,
but seriously the lousiest that I have ever used by far.
1st, the decals were hard to peel off.
There was a particular one that I spent a good 5 minutes trying to pry off.
2nd, they tear easily and maybe this has got to do with the prying bit.
3rd, the decals were really stiff and don't adhere properly to the curve of the nail.
The one on my index literally looks like its going to fly off the nail
(unless that was the manufacturer's idea).
Otherwise, they're seriously cute.
Such a shame...

Well, as for the nail polish,
I haven't quite made up my mind whether I like this one.
Application was butter smooth, it's the colour that's kinda bothering me.
hmmm.... give it another chance?

Oh... and if you hadn't noticed, my nails have been chopped again

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My 1st attempt at Konad

Attempted my 1st Konad last nite.
It wasn't one of my best NP days;
somehow I kept making those application mistakes like pooling at cuticles, smudging, blah blah blah.
Plus I think it was one of the most humid nights so I also ended up with bubbling.

So given all the frustrations,
I'm ok with the end result even though I think I still need more practice with the Konad.

Pic of the NP & Konad plate used.
Konad Princess Special White Polish,
OPI Y01 Baby Blue,
OPI R66 Reflecting Pool,
Etude House Mini Heel Pedicure 02 for the toes,
& Konad plate m59

Close-up pic of the items used.

This is my current Nail Art.
Only Konad-ed on my thumb and ring finger.
Not too confident of doing it for all fingers yet.

A close-up of the Konad that I did on the thumb.

OPI Y01 Baby blue is quite a pretty colour (that's the base colour used) but at least a 3 to 4 coater.
Application was a bitch, but again I suspect cos it just wasn't one of my best days...
I was trying to capture the gold flash of Y01 Baby Blue.
My camera couldn't pick it up that well, but I think you can still see hints of the gold flashing here.

Thank goodness, I had better luck with my toes
When I 1st laid eyes on swatches of Essie's Starry Starry Night, I've wanted it something fierce.
But since its's not likely that I'll ever get my hands on a bottle,
*not unless I'm willing to pay a ridiculous price for it on ebay*
I've been going around hunting for something similar

Not sure if this is close,
since I dun have SSN with me to compare.
But at the very least I'm pretty happy with this
& its sorta killed my lemming for SSN a little =P

Tried to get a shot of the glitter goodness

Friday, August 21, 2009

Black, Charcoal, Grey Holo Comparisons

Realised that I have quite a few bottles of black, charcoal & grey holos in my untried stash,
so I decided I might as well do a comparison of them

1st up, bottle pic
Pls note that bottle pic is taken under artificial light.
Much as I would love to, I'm hardly able to take bottle pics in natural daylight cos of my time schedule...

Painted in order from pinky to thumb:
Colour Club Revvvolution with 2 coats,
Skin Food Milk Creamy Prism Nail 01AW1 with 2 coats,
Beauty Credit Platinum SV01 with 3 coats,
China Glaze Lets Do It in 3-D with 4 coats
& OPI B59 My Private Jet (e older holo version)with 3 coats,
although I suspect a 4th coat might have been better for the OPI.
The last bottle there (Freshcover in Cypress) is my current pedi

This one is taken under very weak sunlight.
I swear 80% of the time when I'm able to take daylight pics,
the sun would decide to hide behind the clouds or it would start raining... =(

Then this was done while waiting for the bus along Orchard Road (our main shopping district).
There was this sudden bright sun that came peeking through the trees,
so I kinda grabbed the opportunity to snap a shot.
Think the other people waiting along must be wondering what this mad girl was doing snapping pictures of her nails... LOL

Taken under artificial light.

Blurred pic for e holo goodness.

Since this is about comparisons:
In order from the most to least holo under direct sunlight:
China Glaze, OPI, Beauty Credit, Skin Food, Colour Club
well, the Skin Food and Colour Club are sorta tied in-place

In order from most to least holo indoors:
China Glaze, Beauty Credit, Skin Food, Colour Club, OPI
*interesting eh, thus i wanted to post this up*

In terms of ease of application, easiest to toughest:
OPI, Colour Club, Beauty Credit, Skin Food then China Glaze
*somehow, I always get drag and bald spots with the Kaleidoscope collection*

Amongst these, OPI is the only true black holo while the Beauty Credit one tends towards a silver grey although in the bottle, it looked distinctly greyer.
Colour Club was the next darkest in tone followed by Skin Food.
Personally, I like the Skin Food's colour.

My own personal perference taking all factors into account, from most fav to least
Skin Food, OPI, Colour Club, Beauty Credit and China Glaze

Lastly, a pic of my current pedi
Love It!
Grey base with blue glitters such that the end colour looks a pearlised shimmering slate

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick haul post

Quick post about a very quick haul i did today.
Happened to be at AMK Hub while on the way back to work,
& walked past this little shop called Beauty Credit.
Gave it a quick glance & the rest as they say is history.

Apparently its another Korean brand.
I swear I spent probably about 5 minutes in that place (ncluding the transaction),
so I dun really have a clear idea what else there is,
but I picked up 3 nail polishes.

Then another few steps,
& yet another nail polish store, O2 Skin.
Got 1 bottle on the quick as it caught my eye,
& the best part was only $1.90!

So here's the pic of the haul
BC Blue Drop,
BC Spring Pink,
BC Platinum SV01 (think that's the name & code,
and the O2 Skin that doesn't have name nor code.

And since it was available,
glitter pics

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 1st RBL: Revamp

As promised, pic of my current NOTD
well, the sun was kinda tempermental today
but managed to catch a little sunshine in an otherwise generally overcast day

Nevertheless, these were the best shots that I could get
Its a little hard to capture the red glitters
they're that subtle & shy =P

I'm really in love with this one
Its black based with the subtle red glitters winking out
sorta gives me the impression of simmering passion

anyway, found out today that Revamp is also currently known as Black Russian
apparently there was a name change

Its a pity that RBLs are so costly
even the shipping is high
way too high for me to justify getting in a proper order
so I can only hope for some miracle to happen
& that the upcoming Bloggers Editions would come my way...
*all fingers & toes crossed*

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My 1st Swap Hauls + Etude House Haul

came home quite late after pole class last nite
only to find a parcel sitting on my table
tore it open for my 1st SWAP HAUL
*cue squealing sounds & happy jig*

once again, thanks so much Lynn for e wonderful surprise pack!
*more hugs & kisses*

presenting my 1st Swap babies! =))
*note: these were taken indoors with e evening sun so shades are not all tat accurate k*
Rescue Beauty Lounge Revamp,
NARS Hot Voodoo,
Zoya Indigo,
Essie Bootleg,
Colour Club Tangerine Scream,
Colour Club Revvolution (already hv tis myself so i now have an extra bottle!),
BB Couture Moon Manhattan (& i was just drooling over tis on nailgal)
& lastly China Glaze Harmony

i had to take an extra pic of e RBL under direct sunlight
see how beautiful tis baby is
doesn't it look like fire lit from within e bottle?
its my current NOTD
& i dun usually do single nail colour
but RBL Revamp is so pretty
i didnt wanna cover up its glory...
I'll take a proper pic under sunlight
*once e sun decides to co-operate with me ya*

yesterday was really fruitful
also hauled from Etude House

1st up, e nail polishes
e bigger bottle is #36 Planet Gold (gold glittery polish),
Mini Heel Pedicure 04 (silver glittery polish),
*pretty sure can be used for mani too*
Mini Heel Pedicure 02 (blue & silver glitter polish),
Petit Darling Nails PP906 (purple shimmery polish)
& Petit Darling Nails GR605(mint green creme)

then i spotted tis last bag of nail art sponge

also got a blue liquid eyeliner
& some Teardrop Powder
*basically its those glittery powder stuff tat u can use to line ur eyes*

in crystal white,
crystal gold
& crystal violet

then they also gave me some freebies
a really cute cat eye-mask
& a O2 white Facial Mask Sheet

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