Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spree loots from Head2toe Beauty

went to collect my spree loots from my fren esther yesterday
her son is very cute!
wanted to show me all his trucks n engines wor!
paiseh... auntie talk to ur mummy
didnt hv time to play with u =)

anyway here are e loots tat i ordered
the OPIs:
DS 019 Passion
DS 023 Jewel
B45 Megawatt?!
C88 Canadian Maple Leaf
J09 Osaka To Me Orange
B27 Dominant Jeans
G08 Greece Just Blue Me Away
T01 Midnight Blue Glitter

then here are e colour clubs!
848 Tru Passion
489 Ruby Slippers
863 Electro Candy
190 Emerald Depths
FP09 Wild Child
FP04 Bizerk Turq
847 Object of Envy
859 Fashion Addict

then Poshe top & base coats
some hand treatment
& ibd nail glue

& esther was so nice to pass these to me!!
*MUACKZ! MUACKZ! a bit paiseh loh dear*
containers for nail art materials
tester bottle of nail polish remover with strawberry smell
(mummy tried tis one out & said its much easier to remove & nicer smell too!!)
& tray for those crystals when doing nail art

then on e way back, i passed by Tampines
& since mummy called me to get her something
i also took e opportunity to shop at BHG a bit
& got tis bottle of L.A GirlRock Star Nail Lacquer
NL123 Supernova

been looking for tis kind of glitter for e looooong-est time already
i hv tons of e normal kinds of glitters
then those with those disco ball kind of glitters
but i hvnt managed to find these kind of long rectangular strip glitters
but i checked out e entire L.A Girl counter there
only 1 colour =(

& i also got myself a pair of hush puppies wedgies
running our of comfy open-toe shoes to wear to work
& i really really loved the greens on tis pair!


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