Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Smuggled nail loots home

kekeke... been smuggling loots home
cos i didnt wanna mama to nag again

youth day was on 5 july
& it was a sch hol e following mon
decided tat i mgt as well apply 4 leave to rest & recover from all tat temp-taking

caught transformers: revenge of e fallen as well
cool show!! enjoyed it
dunno why there were some who gave it a review of 1 star outta 5
but to each his/her own
*thou i was super distracted by wat my frens told me abt megan fox!!*

& tis was wat i hauled back tat monday

1 japan nail art book
1 litre of polish remover (hahaha... shld b able to finish lah)
1 polish remover pump bottle
3 OPIs: N02 Greenwich Green, L87 Malaga Wine & HL759 Too Fabulous!
4 art club strippers
& lotsa nail art materials =))

close up of e nail art stuff

close up of e OPIs & e art clubs

then tis came in e mail on e same monday
OPIs SR 3S7 Opening Night Gold & SR 3S8 (standing Room Only) Silver
woo hoo!! more holo-goodness!!
YEAH!! *punch fist in air*

then tis batch came in e mail e nxt day
kekeke.... had them sent to my workplace instead
so tat i cld smuggle home lah
so excited tat i ripped off e packaging
& immediately tooks pics!
*lucky boss wasnt ard tat time!!*

e reminder of e japan 10th anniversary collection
now i hv e entire collection!!
OPIs V21 Cherry Much In Love, V22 I Pink I Love You, V23 Love Will Blossom, V24 Kiss of Peach
TINS 012 Happy Milk
& FOC toe separator

NOW i hv e ENTIRE SET!!!
TA-DAH!! e Japan 10th Anniversary Collection!
dun they look lovely tog =)


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Berry T said...

hey there ryn61363,

replied to ur email already =)

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