Sunday, July 12, 2009

Purple Fantasy

tis was e nail art tat i had on last tues
b4 i declared tat my nails needed a break

actually i wasnt really in a mood to do anything
so i jus kinda randomly came up with diff patterns

using L.A Girl Nail Lacquer NL200 Amethyst
(says on e bottle tat there's diamond powder & white tea extract)
& art club art stripper NA37 Solid Silver

not sure if u cn see e base colour after all tat drawing
but i quite like e colour
its sorta royal purple base with blue & hot pink shimmer
so e overall effect is a pinkish-purple hue

if i dun remember wrongly
it took me 2 or 3 nails b4 i got e hang of application
which after tat was pretty smooth
no issues with drying time as well


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