Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nubar Grass Green Glitter

sported tis set of nails over e weekend

decided tat since it was gg to b e weekend
i mgt as well go for a colour tat i wont b able to wear to work
so settled on Nubar's Grass Green Glitter

first came across Nubar on scrangie's site
& Grass Green Glitter was one of those awesome colours tat i jus had to hv when i laid eyes on scrangie's swatch

luv e colour
but i found e application a little weird
its not tat i had prob with it
in fact, it was otherwise
application was smooth & easy
but somehow i jus cldnt get it onto my tips!?
so it looked as if thou i had tip wear even thou it was a brand new mani...

however, i dun think i'll play with tis particular polish much
luv e colour really!!
got compliments on it too!
but i had to do 5 coats in order to get it to look tis gd!!
& i hate doing more than 3 coats

& i went shoppping again after pole class on sat =)
got tis batch of nail polishes from Skin Food
skin food's a korean brand
unfortunately, i cant read korean
so i hv no idea wat these colours are called

then i finally caved & bought 2 tees from Massimo Dutti
but seriously cheap,
$13 only!!

& lastly a Crumpler bag for my camera
decided i dun wanna a repeat of e smashed camera
so i went to get something tat's a little more shock proof than e previous camera casing
& its in a bright cheerful red to remind me to b careful =P


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