Saturday, July 25, 2009

New! Etude House

in between pole class & e pole party
i went to plaza sing to get e gals some red lace for our costume
& found tis new shop!!

Etude House from Korea!
they hv some pretty cool beauty stuff there
but it was too packed
plus i was in sorta a hurry
so i only concentrated on e nail section

its quite a small section
but i picked up some gems there

clockwise from top:
a packet of FOC moisturizing mask
3 nail art pens in pink, red & white (they didnt hv other colours)
nail art stickers at $3.90 each only
& nail polish #15 Hologram Blue
well, from e bottle, it doesnt look hologram at all lah
more like a blue-green duochrome with very subtle shimmer
reminds me a little of OPI Go On Green actually

then these nubars came in e mails today
its e Going Green Limited Editions
left to right:
& V for Men (matte topcoat)

well, i sorta figure tat if i hv one matte topcoat
i can hv any matte colour tat i want
so i dun think i'm going to bother with any of those matte polishes coming out
*well, unless there's a colour tat i absolutely love*

i have Forest & Earth coming soon
e entire collection will b reunited soon!


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