Saturday, July 11, 2009

My very 1st Misa nail polish: Embroidered Emerald

I'm giving my nails a much needed rest
they look a little too jaundiced for my liking

plus on some of my nails
there are little cuts
& i tink e top layer is peeling off as well

remember e 5 coats of nubar grass green glitter tat i had on
hv a stinking feeling tat while trying to remove e 5 layers
some of e glitters prob scrapped off parts of my nail as well
cos my nails were still perfectly ok b4 e 5 coats
but once removed tis is wat they were like
& it prob didnt help with all e gloves & washing & stuff lk tat

but i still hv backdated swatches to post

tis swatch is a Misa Nail Polish
Misa Embroidered Emerald

prior to my polish addiction
i hv never heard of Misa
its nt exactly a popular brand in sg
& only a few nail salons carry it
which is a sad pity

1st came across tis polish on scrangie's site
& tat's when i fell in luv with e colour
scouted ard till i was gg to give up hope when Fave came to e rescue
& i hv my very 1st Misa nail polish: Embroidered Emerald =)

my camera jus cldnt pick up e colour well
tink its cos on the days tat i had tis on e sun refused to co-operate
kept raining & e sky was always overcast

actual colour is a deep wine or burgundy
then there is a layer of green shimmer
unfortunately, no matter wat i try
i jus cldnt pick up e green shimmer properly
u jus hv to take my words for it tat its an absolutely cool colour!!
*i kept looking at e green shimmer*

i had no issues with application
but tis one seemed to take jus a little longer to dry

still i luv-ed it so much
i actually wore it bare without any nail art
which is pretty unusual for me =)


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