Sunday, July 12, 2009

Malaga Rose Garden

& tis is e set of nail art tat i jus completed
kekeke... only managed to give my nails 3 days break
b4 i got bored to do nail art *grinz*

forgot to take a swatch of e base colour on my fingers
so here's another shot of my toes
*pls ignore watever injuries u see on my feet*

OPI L87 Malaga Wine
a deep red tat i tink goes quite well with my skin tone

then i'm so pleased with my own nail art tis time round
tat i kept taking pics of it

kept walking ard to get it in diff lights

& at diff angles =p

& tis is e thumb design

tis is e 1st time i attempted drawing flowers
& i'm quite pleased with my roses
still room 4 improvement
but i think its quite lovely for a beginner


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