Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last day in Beijing

On e last day in beijing
we didnt really do anythg much
slept in late & woke up to go for lunch
then we left for e airport back to sg

some shots of A Hotel
u can jus tell e taxi driver to bring u to gong ren ti yu chang (Worker's Stadium)
cos its a really interesting hotel tat's built right into a stadium!

from e Frommer's guidebook
we decided to head for tis place called Xian'er Lao Man
basically its a dumpling restaurant
but i was super intrigued
cos it said tat there were 60 different kinds of fillings to choose from!!

we ordered 3 diff types of dumplings
these were e steamed ones
e skin isnt tat fantastic
but i swear e fillings more than make up for it
really really fresh and yummy!

these are called guo tie (pan-fried dumplings)
these were good too!

then these are called jian bing
basically its a larger version of e guo tie
e initial 1st pc was not too bad
but 1 is more than enuff
trying to stuff 2 cn b quite je-lat

after lunch is when i managed to clumsily drop & smash my camera
so i dun hv anythg else on tis last day to show u


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