Sunday, July 5, 2009

Father's Day @ Pu Tien

been meaning to post tis 4 a while already
hv been behind on my posts

couple of sundays ago, we went out to Pu Tien @ Tampines Mall 4 Father's Day dinner
Pu Tien is a Henghua based restaurant
(Henghua cn b considered one of e minority dialect grps ard in sg)

my mum's side of e family are Henghua
my late grandma hails fr e village in China itself
grandmama, i really
& Henghua food is one of e ways i remember my grandmama
she cooks really well
but i never hv a chance again to sit down to her home-cooked henghua dishes

anyway, we decided to go Pu Tien cos mama wanted us to try out some Henghua dishes tat she doesnt even know how to cook herself
kekeke.... & she even made fren with e flr manager there
& we had free deserts as a result!! =)

we ordered quite a variety of dishes
looks a lot,
but we asked for all in small portions so food was jus nice

ok, 1st up are wat i consider personally as signature Henghua dishes
e 1st 3 pics are actually e carbo dishes

tis one here is called Lor Mee
Pu Tien does it ok
its nt e best i've eaten, but it still tastes yummy
esp e soup base

then we hv e Cha Hoon
again an ok dish cos i've had better
basically its some sort of vermicelli tat has been extremely stewed in thick soup

tis one here is my family's favourite of e 3 carbo dishes
fan shu fen tiao
basically e glass-noodles look-alike is made from potato flour
mama shared with us tat long long ago, grandmama used to make it for them
but since it was a lot of work, she stopped doing it
unfortunately, i had never eaten grandmama's version of tis dish
if Pu Tien is able to do it so well,
i'm pretty sure my grandmama wld hv done it really yummy too

then we also ordered vege with tow kee (henghua style)
tow kee is a kind of beancurd skin
& tis one here is e henghua version
even e way its prepared is different from other normal beancurd skins

we had 2 yam dishes
tis one here is fried yam pieces
quite nice if u're a yam lover
& its covered in some kind of sweet sauce

tis one is duck slices covered in yam
of all e dishes
we disliked tis e most
cn hardly taste e duck actually
& seriously 2 yam dishes is too much after a while

note tis isnt exactly a signature henghua dish
e signature henghua prawns come cooked in bamboo & herbs
but we were in e mood for something light
so we got e steamed prawns instead
which was pretty good!
prawns were fresh
e garlic enhanced e taste of e prawns very well
so we cld really taste e sweetest of e fresh prawns
& e ways it was cut made removing e shells a relatively easy task

tis one was a recommendation from e waitresses there
but i wasnt exactly wow-ed by it
yi ping guo
its $30 for 1 portion
which is realtively ok given e delicacies used
there was abalone, sea cucumber, etc etc etc
we shared it amongst all of us
nothing fantastic but nice enuff

i prob wld return for another meal
prices are quite family friendly
isnt too expensive
& food is gd enuff

wld def come back 4 e fan shu fen tiao for sure
& e tea!!
i really enjoyed e tea
my mama liked it as well =)
quite superior tie guan yin (a kind of chinese tea)
we ordered 2 cups & shared amongst e 4 of us
& they kept adding hot water for us too!
so it was like unlimited wonderful, fragrant, soothing tea

kekeke... pic also shows e free desert tat we got
white fungus with red dates


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