Saturday, July 4, 2009

Death of an Angel

blog's working again! HURRAY!!
*cross fingers & toes tat it'll keep working!!* =)

behind on my posts already
still hv e beijing posts to b completed
& a restaurant review coming up

but for now here's e nail art tat i had a few days ago
hv since chg-ed a new one already
which i will b posting shortly (i hope)

tis set of nail art is yet another tribute to another celeb who has since passed away recently
Farrah Fawcett of e original Charlie's Angels fame

to b honest, Charlie's Angel was when i was jus born
so i hv absolutely no idea how e original TV series goes
most of wat i know abt Charlie's Angels are from e more recent hit movies starring Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz

even then, Farah Fawcett was in such fame
tat i know abt her famous red swimsuit poster & tat famous windblown hairdo
& she always gave me an impression of old hollywood glamour & elegance

thus in doing tis nail art
i chose something tat was classic & elegant, but with a twist to it

tis is a swatch of e base colour tat i chose
thot tat e name of e polish was befitting of a celeb
OPI HL760 Celeb Sparkle

tis particular polish is a Japan exclusive
luv how e japan exclusives are all packed with glitter bits
see how it sparkles in tis particular pic
its a 4-coater!! tat's how sheer it was
but absolutely worth it =P

& tis is e black tip french tat i had for a couple of days
used art club black hologram 4 e tips
but i tink it was a bad choice
cos e lacquer was jus too thick for a proper french
plus i was also too tired from all e temp-taking work in sch
(was falling asleep while doing tis particular set)
so my tips were sorta crooked in places as well...


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