Sunday, July 19, 2009

China Glaze

jus completed my weekend nail art
& i call it china glaze cos tis time i only used china glaze lacquers
plus e effect reminds me of those china porcelain type of colours =)

as usual, swatch of e base colour used
tis is White-Kwik-Silver

its quite sheer
tis one is 3 coats & nail line is still visible
but for tis set of nail art, its actually ok

then tis is e marbling effect i tried
my 1st time doing it!
& i like e effect totally
kekeke... mummy wants me to do it for her e nxt time too =P

e lighter blue is CG For Audrey
then e darker one is CG Gussied UP Green

then added on some pearls & metal beads

close-up of e design on e thumb

i totally rock e colour combi
esp love e green shimmer
& i did e rest of my toes in Gussied Up Green
plus it can match my new pair of hush puppies wedgies =)

i tried to compare ease of creating e marbling effect with dotting tool & brush
verdict: brush is e easiest to use & e effect is also e nicest

if u see my middle finger, tat was done using dotting tool
rest were done using brush
think brush is softer,
so it doesnt create such a harsh looking line

actually i hardly use china glaze nail polish
i actually love some of their colours
but i find application more difficult as compared to OPI, Nubar or Colour Club
somehow, when i do China Glaze
i tend to end up with some drag near e base
or e polish will pool ard e cuticles
really need to b careful when applying loh...


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