Thursday, July 30, 2009

Barbie's Wirl

my birthday's coming up soon in another 2 weeks!
been wanting to try konad stamping
so i finally decided to get myself a konad kit as a present to myself!

placed an order for the Classic Collection II kit tis morning
& since there was a discount code & free international ship from OC Nail Art
it's actually much much cheaper than if i had ordered from e sg site itself!!
can't wait for it to arrive!!
*sits by e door waiting*

anyway, NOTD
Lippmann's Constant Craving
& Etude Nail Art Pen in White
tis pic is taken outdoors

& tis one indoors

okie, tis is prob one of e worst nail art tat i've ever done
was really tired yest so not in e mood to do anything
but my nails were showing wear

original idea was just to do a plain single colour
but well somehow, i thot Constant Craving looked weird with my skintone
thus e simple nail art

dun get me wrong,
i really love e pink colour
reminds me of barbie dolls
but well, even mummy went "eek..."

a quick review then since both products used are new
i suspect my bottle of Lippmann is really really old
e cap is from e older silver range
e other giveaway was e thickened polish feel
even then, i was pretty pleased with it

not sure if tis makes sense to u readers
but u know how with those poor quality or super duper old polishes
when u attempt to re-use them
they prob stink up e room
& application becomes a horrid chore?

so given my suspicions abt e age of tis particular bottle
i'm really surprised by its quality
i mean sure its thicker,
but i didnt as much problems as i had expected
in fact i managed to do my usual 2 coats =)
*cant wait to try e other Lippmanns now*

as for e Etude Nail Art pen
i was kinda disappointed with tis one
well, thot that given e thin metal tip
i'll b able to get those really really fine thin lines
but alas! as u cn see from e pics, that aint e case
well, they're still thinner than those i get with my art club strippers
but its not those nice thin fine ones tat i had envisioned

reason: application
basically u hv to grip & squeeze e middle of e pen to get e polish out & draw simultaneously
found tat a tad challenging,
esp with my left hand
guess u hv to practice to maintain constant pressure
*u dun wanna see e nail art on my right fingers...*

another thg, e polish doesnt dry as quickly as i'm used to
i did my usual nail application routine
but when i put on my poshe topcoat on e 1st nail,
e white bits started to streak
in e end, i just cldnt be bothered anymore
& went ahead to apply topcoat on e rest
needless to say, quite a bit of streaking took place

so a word of caution
practice & patience


Flores Hayes said...
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Berry T said...

Hi Flor,

Thks for ur well wishes & compliments
as for how, there are a lot of tutorials on youtube tat u can refer to

I've noticed tat u've posted ur weblink on several other blogs as well
Would appreciate if you dun do that on tis blog


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