Thursday, July 30, 2009

Barbie's Wirl

my birthday's coming up soon in another 2 weeks!
been wanting to try konad stamping
so i finally decided to get myself a konad kit as a present to myself!

placed an order for the Classic Collection II kit tis morning
& since there was a discount code & free international ship from OC Nail Art
it's actually much much cheaper than if i had ordered from e sg site itself!!
can't wait for it to arrive!!
*sits by e door waiting*

anyway, NOTD
Lippmann's Constant Craving
& Etude Nail Art Pen in White
tis pic is taken outdoors

& tis one indoors

okie, tis is prob one of e worst nail art tat i've ever done
was really tired yest so not in e mood to do anything
but my nails were showing wear

original idea was just to do a plain single colour
but well somehow, i thot Constant Craving looked weird with my skintone
thus e simple nail art

dun get me wrong,
i really love e pink colour
reminds me of barbie dolls
but well, even mummy went "eek..."

a quick review then since both products used are new
i suspect my bottle of Lippmann is really really old
e cap is from e older silver range
e other giveaway was e thickened polish feel
even then, i was pretty pleased with it

not sure if tis makes sense to u readers
but u know how with those poor quality or super duper old polishes
when u attempt to re-use them
they prob stink up e room
& application becomes a horrid chore?

so given my suspicions abt e age of tis particular bottle
i'm really surprised by its quality
i mean sure its thicker,
but i didnt as much problems as i had expected
in fact i managed to do my usual 2 coats =)
*cant wait to try e other Lippmanns now*

as for e Etude Nail Art pen
i was kinda disappointed with tis one
well, thot that given e thin metal tip
i'll b able to get those really really fine thin lines
but alas! as u cn see from e pics, that aint e case
well, they're still thinner than those i get with my art club strippers
but its not those nice thin fine ones tat i had envisioned

reason: application
basically u hv to grip & squeeze e middle of e pen to get e polish out & draw simultaneously
found tat a tad challenging,
esp with my left hand
guess u hv to practice to maintain constant pressure
*u dun wanna see e nail art on my right fingers...*

another thg, e polish doesnt dry as quickly as i'm used to
i did my usual nail application routine
but when i put on my poshe topcoat on e 1st nail,
e white bits started to streak
in e end, i just cldnt be bothered anymore
& went ahead to apply topcoat on e rest
needless to say, quite a bit of streaking took place

so a word of caution
practice & patience

Monday, July 27, 2009

Nubar Going Green Limited Edition Collection

here are the Nubars Going Green Collection
*big happy grinz*

& Forest

*yes estben, i know i got too many greens already...*

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dreaming of a Purple Beach

aching all over from last nite's pole party
& i cant even lift my right leg now
dunno wat happened...
woke up tis morning & it was like this *crap*

had a harder time trying to do e toes on my right side as a result
but still managed! =P

so here's my weekend mani
using Orly Bare Rose,
Nubar Purple Beach
*love e name... really makes me dream of one*
e glitter bits are TINS 070 The Starlets
& i decided to use e last of 1 particular nail art sticker

then tis is a shot to show e duochrome effect of Purple Beach
totally love e colour
at times rose, at times green, then gold & purple
i find it rather dreamy

& i tried to get a bling bling shot of e glitter

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New! Etude House

in between pole class & e pole party
i went to plaza sing to get e gals some red lace for our costume
& found tis new shop!!

Etude House from Korea!
they hv some pretty cool beauty stuff there
but it was too packed
plus i was in sorta a hurry
so i only concentrated on e nail section

its quite a small section
but i picked up some gems there

clockwise from top:
a packet of FOC moisturizing mask
3 nail art pens in pink, red & white (they didnt hv other colours)
nail art stickers at $3.90 each only
& nail polish #15 Hologram Blue
well, from e bottle, it doesnt look hologram at all lah
more like a blue-green duochrome with very subtle shimmer
reminds me a little of OPI Go On Green actually

then these nubars came in e mails today
its e Going Green Limited Editions
left to right:
& V for Men (matte topcoat)

well, i sorta figure tat if i hv one matte topcoat
i can hv any matte colour tat i want
so i dun think i'm going to bother with any of those matte polishes coming out
*well, unless there's a colour tat i absolutely love*

i have Forest & Earth coming soon
e entire collection will b reunited soon!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Cabaret Pole Jam

jitterbugs (tat's e dance studio where i do my pole) is moving to a new location at the Cathay
so tis coming Sat, we're having sorta a farewell party
& e diff level gals are all putting up their level routines
*so exciting!*

kekeke... e advance girls are "under pressure" to perform
so we hv costume arrangements too!
& e colour theme is red, white & black
so i did my latest nail art to match e colours

e natural colour base used is Orly Bare Rose
(love how healthy looking my nails look with Bare Rose!)
then Colour Club Ruby Ruby Slippers for e red glittery effect
White bits are OPI L00 Alphine Snow
while e black ones are OPI T02 Black Onyx

e black & white bits are quite easy to do
put dots of e colour that u want
then pull through e dots using a nail art brush
(pic shows e brush tat i normally use in my nail art creations)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My very 1st Lippmanns!!

hurray!! blog's working again!!

here are e new loots tat i promised earlier
1st up, OPI Tiny Tinsel Towners
HL702 I'd Like to Thank
HL703 My Big Break
HL704 Hollywood Blonde
HL706 Have You Seen my Limo

been lusting over Hollywood Blonde & Have You Seen my Limo for e looong-est time
finally its MINE!!

OPI Music Hall Minis
SR 6S2 Berry Good Dancers
SR 6S3 Rose to the Ovation
SRS 6R2 Opening Night Champagne
SRS 6R4 Music Hall Curtain Call

kekeke... same thg abt lusting over Opening Night Champagne =P

then tis is nubar Pasadena Purple

then these are freebies tat e supplier passed along
Qtica Half time Polish Drying Accelerator
Lippmann Collection Rich Girl Hand & Cuticle cream

the current CROWN JEWELS in my nail polish collection

Constant Craving,
Lady is a Tramp,
Dark Side of the Moon

I'm freaking out!!
I actually have Lippmann!!

Trouble posting again =(

sigh... dunno wat's up recently

was trying to post last nite
but wasnt able to even get a proper create post page
apparently there seems to b some prob with singnet users posting *crap*

now in office trying out
but pics are in my home comp
*dumb me forgot to bring e thumbdrive along to work*

will post once things revert to normal
& i've some very exciting loots to show u guys...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

China Glaze

jus completed my weekend nail art
& i call it china glaze cos tis time i only used china glaze lacquers
plus e effect reminds me of those china porcelain type of colours =)

as usual, swatch of e base colour used
tis is White-Kwik-Silver

its quite sheer
tis one is 3 coats & nail line is still visible
but for tis set of nail art, its actually ok

then tis is e marbling effect i tried
my 1st time doing it!
& i like e effect totally
kekeke... mummy wants me to do it for her e nxt time too =P

e lighter blue is CG For Audrey
then e darker one is CG Gussied UP Green

then added on some pearls & metal beads

close-up of e design on e thumb

i totally rock e colour combi
esp love e green shimmer
& i did e rest of my toes in Gussied Up Green
plus it can match my new pair of hush puppies wedgies =)

i tried to compare ease of creating e marbling effect with dotting tool & brush
verdict: brush is e easiest to use & e effect is also e nicest

if u see my middle finger, tat was done using dotting tool
rest were done using brush
think brush is softer,
so it doesnt create such a harsh looking line

actually i hardly use china glaze nail polish
i actually love some of their colours
but i find application more difficult as compared to OPI, Nubar or Colour Club
somehow, when i do China Glaze
i tend to end up with some drag near e base
or e polish will pool ard e cuticles
really need to b careful when applying loh...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spree loots from Head2toe Beauty

went to collect my spree loots from my fren esther yesterday
her son is very cute!
wanted to show me all his trucks n engines wor!
paiseh... auntie talk to ur mummy
didnt hv time to play with u =)

anyway here are e loots tat i ordered
the OPIs:
DS 019 Passion
DS 023 Jewel
B45 Megawatt?!
C88 Canadian Maple Leaf
J09 Osaka To Me Orange
B27 Dominant Jeans
G08 Greece Just Blue Me Away
T01 Midnight Blue Glitter

then here are e colour clubs!
848 Tru Passion
489 Ruby Slippers
863 Electro Candy
190 Emerald Depths
FP09 Wild Child
FP04 Bizerk Turq
847 Object of Envy
859 Fashion Addict

then Poshe top & base coats
some hand treatment
& ibd nail glue

& esther was so nice to pass these to me!!
*MUACKZ! MUACKZ! a bit paiseh loh dear*
containers for nail art materials
tester bottle of nail polish remover with strawberry smell
(mummy tried tis one out & said its much easier to remove & nicer smell too!!)
& tray for those crystals when doing nail art

then on e way back, i passed by Tampines
& since mummy called me to get her something
i also took e opportunity to shop at BHG a bit
& got tis bottle of L.A GirlRock Star Nail Lacquer
NL123 Supernova

been looking for tis kind of glitter for e looooong-est time already
i hv tons of e normal kinds of glitters
then those with those disco ball kind of glitters
but i hvnt managed to find these kind of long rectangular strip glitters
but i checked out e entire L.A Girl counter there
only 1 colour =(

& i also got myself a pair of hush puppies wedgies
running our of comfy open-toe shoes to wear to work
& i really really loved the greens on tis pair!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


was inspired after looking at some youtube tutorials to do tis set of nail art

1st, e swatch of OPI B64 I Only Drink Champagne
which was used as e base colour

& tis is e nail art tat i had on since yesterday
e leopard prints are done using e skinfood bronze nail lacquer & art club black nail stripper

like i mentioned in an earlier post,
i cant read korean
so i cant tell u wat e bronze colour is called
but i hv e swatch of it on my toes =)

& tis is e polish loots tat i hauled back from my supplier tonite
China Glaze 72038 White-Kwik-Silver
& 77053 For Audrey

OPIs R59 Midnight in Moscow
L00 Alphine Snow
A45 Brisbane Bronze
B63 Golden Rules

Last day in Beijing

On e last day in beijing
we didnt really do anythg much
slept in late & woke up to go for lunch
then we left for e airport back to sg

some shots of A Hotel
u can jus tell e taxi driver to bring u to gong ren ti yu chang (Worker's Stadium)
cos its a really interesting hotel tat's built right into a stadium!

from e Frommer's guidebook
we decided to head for tis place called Xian'er Lao Man
basically its a dumpling restaurant
but i was super intrigued
cos it said tat there were 60 different kinds of fillings to choose from!!

we ordered 3 diff types of dumplings
these were e steamed ones
e skin isnt tat fantastic
but i swear e fillings more than make up for it
really really fresh and yummy!

these are called guo tie (pan-fried dumplings)
these were good too!

then these are called jian bing
basically its a larger version of e guo tie
e initial 1st pc was not too bad
but 1 is more than enuff
trying to stuff 2 cn b quite je-lat

after lunch is when i managed to clumsily drop & smash my camera
so i dun hv anythg else on tis last day to show u

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Malaga Rose Garden

& tis is e set of nail art tat i jus completed
kekeke... only managed to give my nails 3 days break
b4 i got bored to do nail art *grinz*

forgot to take a swatch of e base colour on my fingers
so here's another shot of my toes
*pls ignore watever injuries u see on my feet*

OPI L87 Malaga Wine
a deep red tat i tink goes quite well with my skin tone

then i'm so pleased with my own nail art tis time round
tat i kept taking pics of it

kept walking ard to get it in diff lights

& at diff angles =p

& tis is e thumb design

tis is e 1st time i attempted drawing flowers
& i'm quite pleased with my roses
still room 4 improvement
but i think its quite lovely for a beginner

Purple Fantasy

tis was e nail art tat i had on last tues
b4 i declared tat my nails needed a break

actually i wasnt really in a mood to do anything
so i jus kinda randomly came up with diff patterns

using L.A Girl Nail Lacquer NL200 Amethyst
(says on e bottle tat there's diamond powder & white tea extract)
& art club art stripper NA37 Solid Silver

not sure if u cn see e base colour after all tat drawing
but i quite like e colour
its sorta royal purple base with blue & hot pink shimmer
so e overall effect is a pinkish-purple hue

if i dun remember wrongly
it took me 2 or 3 nails b4 i got e hang of application
which after tat was pretty smooth
no issues with drying time as well

Saturday, July 11, 2009

OPI Japan Limited Edition: Reflection Glitters

jus a quick post

didnt get anythg todae after pole class *grinz*
but tis set came in e mail
so there are still new sat loots

tis is another Japan limited edition series
was told tat its called e Reflection Glitters
& also told tat there's only approx 300 sets in sg
*big big grinz*

left to right:
R63 Disco All Sparkle
R64 Golden Rainbow
R65 Rosy Reflection
R66 Reflecting Pool

My very 1st Misa nail polish: Embroidered Emerald

I'm giving my nails a much needed rest
they look a little too jaundiced for my liking

plus on some of my nails
there are little cuts
& i tink e top layer is peeling off as well

remember e 5 coats of nubar grass green glitter tat i had on
hv a stinking feeling tat while trying to remove e 5 layers
some of e glitters prob scrapped off parts of my nail as well
cos my nails were still perfectly ok b4 e 5 coats
but once removed tis is wat they were like
& it prob didnt help with all e gloves & washing & stuff lk tat

but i still hv backdated swatches to post

tis swatch is a Misa Nail Polish
Misa Embroidered Emerald

prior to my polish addiction
i hv never heard of Misa
its nt exactly a popular brand in sg
& only a few nail salons carry it
which is a sad pity

1st came across tis polish on scrangie's site
& tat's when i fell in luv with e colour
scouted ard till i was gg to give up hope when Fave came to e rescue
& i hv my very 1st Misa nail polish: Embroidered Emerald =)

my camera jus cldnt pick up e colour well
tink its cos on the days tat i had tis on e sun refused to co-operate
kept raining & e sky was always overcast

actual colour is a deep wine or burgundy
then there is a layer of green shimmer
unfortunately, no matter wat i try
i jus cldnt pick up e green shimmer properly
u jus hv to take my words for it tat its an absolutely cool colour!!
*i kept looking at e green shimmer*

i had no issues with application
but tis one seemed to take jus a little longer to dry

still i luv-ed it so much
i actually wore it bare without any nail art
which is pretty unusual for me =)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Beijing Day 7 Part 2: Hutong Rickshaw Tour & Lao She Teahouse

as mentioned in my earlier post
day 7 was really educational
& i truly enjoyed myself tat day

after e dubious temple
we headed down to Qian Men Xi Da Jie for lunch
well, we sorta ended up with a small window of time where we didnt hv anything particular in mind
so we thot to hv lunch near where we booked a table 4 our night entertainment

cant remember e name of e place where we had our lunch
but it was one of e simplest meal we had in our entire trip =P

Gerry & i ordered a bowl of zha jiang mian each
*had a hard time trying to toss all e ingredients & sauce to mix them up well*
we later learnt tat in ancient times
tis was actually a dish of e poor
who wld entertain guests with leftovers mixed up in a bowl of noodles

& while eating, we kept eyeing tis rickshaw driver
who was trying to get customers for a hutong rickshaw tour
eventually we decided to try it out
& didnt regret it a single bit

e rickshaw in beijing is slightly diff from e remaining few left tat we see in sg
in sg, e driver is cycling alongside e carriage
in beijing, e driver is cycling in front of e carriage
so our driver (Liu Shi Fu, tat's how we called him) had to keep turning ard to explain stuff to us

see e 4 knobs tat are on e top of e door frame in tis pic?
in ancient times, e chinese believed strongly in men dang hu dui in marriages
basically wat it means is tat e bride & groom's families hv to b of equal social class & standing b4 a match is approved and arranged for

according to liu shi fu
e knobs on e door frame represent e social class & standing of tat family residing there
in tis instance, since there are 4 knobs
in e past there prob was a shi deng guan in e family
literal translation: 4th rank official
which, based on my limited knowledge, is already quite a high ranking official

& u see e 2 stone decoration tat flanks e 2 sides of e door frame?
apparently one can also tell wat kind of official e person is from e shape of e stones

tis pic shows e stone tat a warrior wld hv
e round drum-like shape is supposed to represent e drums used in war

then tis one is for a scholar
kekeke... no prizes if u cn guess why its rectangular shaped =P

well, e hutongs are really a dying breed in beijing
& apparently some courtyard houses (i.e. e residences) were placed under government "protection" as a cultural site

tis pic shows e ceiling of e main doorway of one such protected courtyard house
not sure if u cn see
but each square is actually a drawing of a white crane
in chinese culture, cranes are considered symbols of longevity
its prob e next most favoured bird symbol after e phoenix
*jus in case, if u didnt know, e phoenix symbolises power, virtue, grace & prosperity; no surprises why there was a time when e phoenix also referred to e empress*

children playing along e streets
well... liu shi fu was a great cyclist who manoeuvred his way ard tight corners & small alleys in a speed tat was faster than my pic-taking skills

we also had e opportunity to walk into an actual residence

tis one is their bathroom-cum-toilet
well, lets jus say tat i really appreciate my home sweet home
*we got scolded by one of e lady tenants for taking pics*

e famed Liu Li Chang market
*where e earlier dubious taxi-driver claimed was closed & sent us off to tat dubious temple*
tis is traditionally a marketplace where scholars & artists wld come to get their brushes, chinese ink, paper & other assorted stationary

we also stopped at one of e youth hostels
which was previously an ancient brothel!!

it really looked like one of those brothels in e period dramas or movies
really cld imagine e ladies all standing along e 2nd flr balconies looking down & waving their handkerchiefs at e oogling men below

all said, e hutong rickshaw tour was really worth it
came to know where e famous opera singer Mei Lan Fang was born
*kekeke... Gerry & i were so inspired, we caught e Chinese movie Mei Lan Fang on e plane on e way back to sg*

we even paid liu shi fu more than wat he quoted us
he was a wonderful guide
*ignoring his frequent spitting, which apparently is a norm for e beijing ppl anyway*
who took e time to explain & share stories with us
& also helped us take some really great photos

e entire rickshaw tour was approx 1 hr 30 mins
& we came back jus in time 4 our night entertainment
Lao She Cha Guan (Lao She Teahouse)
3 Qian Men Xi Da Jie
*look for e huge KFC & walk a little more to e west of e KFC*
tel: 6303 6830 or 6304 6334

to those who plan on visiting beijing
i wld recommend a visit to Lao She Teahouse
i mean beijing is famed for its chinese acrobatics, opera, wushu (martial arts) performances & stuff lk tat

at Lao She
u cn happily enjoy all these
& with unlimited tea refills & delicate chinese pastries

Gerry & i ordered other pastries apart from those tat came with e tix price tat we paid for
i thot e pastries were all so pretty!!
& i've never had such interesting pastries in sg...
ahem... i was so caught up with e performances as well as e pastries
tat i forgot to take a pic of them until only one of each of wat we ordered extra were left
*luckily there was still 1 each to take a pic of*

do call ahead for reservations
place was packed with tourists & locals
price depends on e performance & where u wanna seat (cn ask them to advise)
& dun b shocked if u hv to share tables with strangers

upon entering we were greeted with music by tis trio of female musicians
*was amazed by e 1st lady in e pic who was making music was fingering e edges of diff bowls filled with diff amt of water*

there's also a statue of ex-US president George Bush Senior
apparently he also visited Lao She before!!
there were many other famous ppl who came here too!
*chk out their pic gallery if u cn*

i understand tat performances may also vary
we were quite fortunate & had quite a gd variety
there were e 4 diff tea ceremonies for each season, chinese orchestra, singing, a chinese dance, opera, wushu performance, a magician etc etc etc

we werent seated tat far back
in fact tink our seats were quite gd for e price
but my camera was limited in its capability
so e pics mgt look a little small

was quite impressed with her acrobatic skills
tis one is where 2 girls were perched on each end of a stick
& e lady jus happily continued twirling e stick round n round WITH HER LEGS!!

then tis was e other performer who impressed me greatly
which is a form of traditional chinese art performance
where basically e performer changes into diff face masks in split seconds without e audience knowing how e hell it is being done
he's really one of e best tat i've seen
there are some who would use e sleeves of their costumes to cover their faces while they are doing e face chg
but tis guy DIDN'T!!
& he was so fast with e chg tat u mgt jus hv missed it if u blinked!!
he also came down to e audience & did it rite in front of all of us
still cant fig out how e hell its being done!!

another performance tat's worth a mention
ok... i forgot wat they call tis one
but its basically a choreography involving pouring tea from a very long spout teapot
these guys were quite gd too
& they came down to e audience as well
was actually hoping tat they come over to our side but they didnt

word of caution thou if u're one of those who doesnt understand e chinese language or culture
some of e performances mgt nt make any sense to u at all
e.g. e opera tat was being performed was an excerpt from e famous chinese novel Journey to the West
which basically depicts e famed Monkey God & his adventures
however, i cld see e table of caucasian tourists tat was nxt to ours was completely clueless abt wat tis guy was doing jumping & hopping ard on stage
*they seemed quite bored with some of e performances*
so u mgt wanna get someone who's kind enuff to explain wat's happening to u

Gerry & i were one of e last to leave
cos we were happily enjoying their tea
& then we got caught up with their shop & exhibits

i particularly loved tis series of mini models of e diff types of teahouses
*didnt even know tat there were diff ones until then*
e models were not very big
but they were so life-like tat u cld really appreciate e various atmospheres tat they were trying to protray

jus to show a few tat i particularly liked
tis one is a chan cha guan
(tat's wat e chinese characters say k)
i.e. where food is also served

see how they even hv e details of e wine bottles, food & chopsticks!

then tis is a shu cha guan
literal translation: book teahouse
so u shld b able to guess wat kind of a teahouse tis is supposed to b

e guy up on stage is supposed to b one of those story-tellers
sometimes u'll also get one of those who wld b giving out riddles for e audience to guess at

last but not least, qing yin zhuo
i.e. where there is music too

my pic for tis one isnt tat clear *my apologies*
but u shld jus b able to make out some of those instruments tat e musicians on stage are holding

these models are jus totally cool right?!

©2009 happyberrynaiad | by TNB