Thursday, June 25, 2009

Spree from Head2toebeauty

quick post

planning to spree soon from head2toe beauty

hv never bought from tis site b4
but e gals over @ MUA seem to tink its ok
& i saw some polishes tat i wld lk to get my hands on in tat website

will prob order by 5 july (sun)
*kekeke... attempt to spread out e polish purchases*

exchange rate will b USD$1 : SGD$1.5
note 2 payments: 1st is for e polish only
then i will update later on shipping costs
any refund or top-up, i will alert as well =)

e polishes will b as per cost X exchange rate
but i will b imposing a small charge of $3 per order
tis is on top of postage (aka e stamps if i'm mailing out ur order to u)

its not intended as profits
but as administrative & material charges
cos i realised tat i need to cover costs like envelopes, tape & stuff lk tat k =)

so calculation will b: total polish cost in USD X 1.5 + SGD$3

so those interested,
pls let me know latest by 1 july (wed)
payment in latest by 3 july (fri)
*need time to consolidate lah*

happy shopping! =)


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