Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Silver Holo Comparisons

bored enuff to finally chg my mani
i find tat when e nails are short
nail art looks weird
not as elegant or funky as when done on longer nails
n since i hv a couple new ones tat i'm eager to try out
in e end i decided to hv nails with different hues
n jus do a comparison swatch

thumb n pinky: OPI DS 001 Shimmer
index n ring: Colour Club Worth the Risque
middle finger: OPI SR 5R4 Paris Couture for Sure (PCFS)

1st 2 pics were taken last nite under flourescent light
3rd pic is a blurred one to show e holo-ness
4th pic was taken tis morning, but its been rainy n sky is overcast
if e sun ever comes out today, i'll try for 1 more sunlight pic k

i must say i'm a little diasppointed with PCFS
had application trouble with tis one
n i never had application prob with OPIs b4!?
PCFS reminded me of e trouble i had with some of e China Glaze i own (esp those from e Kaleisdoscope Collection)
had weird bald spots appearing
n it took me 4 coats to b remotely satisfied

pretty happy with Colour Club Worth the Risque
2 coats wld hv been sufficient
but i did 3 anyway
n i actually prefer 3 to 2
somehow, e colour seems to intensify with 3 n it looks prettier to me tat way =P
no issues with application n drying time for tis one
so its giving me greater confidence to get more Colour Clubs now
hmmm... tink e nxt time i'll b aiming for those in e Electro Candy n Catwalk Queen Collections

but i must say outta e 3, i still luv DS Shimmer e best
its definitely a 3-coater for me, but i jus luv e colour
PCFS n Worth the Risque has a slightly blue-ish tint,
tink cos of e holo-effect (if tat makes any sense)
however, Shimmer is more subtle n leans towards a white-silver
n tat's e kind of colour tat i wld call silver
*am i making sense here??*

even did a pedi
since i cldnt bend my knee, had to do a sit-n-reach to remove e previous blue
was an effort so contemplated not painting e toes at all
but after like 30 mins
i really cldnt ta-han e idea of naked toes
so i just continued with e sit-n-reach n did e pedi
n said my thanks to linna for making us do all those stretches during pole class *hahahaha*

hee... n as with my fixation on matching colours
its OPI C22 How to Jamaica Million on e toes

tis is gg to b one of e rare toe pics tat i'm posting =P

How to Jamaica Million is another colour tat i like
silver frost with a tinge of pink
*it says bridal to me*
but i can also foresee Asians shying away from tis kinda colour
unless u're very fair, dun tink e average Asian skin tone wld b able to carry it off well

n dunno if its cos of e difficulty i had with one side
but e side where i had to do sit-n-reach
i cn actually see brush strokes n ridges
its alot betta on e other side (which is e pic posted)
but i tink its one of those where u need to b careful with application


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What a nice nail color and do you know i always like your post blog so thanks for nice sharing it.

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