Saturday, June 20, 2009

shopping loots =)

did a little shopping todae after pole
*yeah... i know... again*

didnt buy much thou despite e many sale signs all over

& even thou it was e semi-annual massimo dutti sale
(tat's my all time fav shop)
i actually didnt get anythg from there!
*yeah, pretty stunned myself*

but did haul back some gd deals

been eyeing these pairs of shoes for quite some time already
but always reminded myself tat i had too many pairs of shoes already

BUT todae novo had it on 50% discount!!!
of cos i jus had to grab them
& they feel quite comfy as well!

somemore, justifiable purchase
cos i ditch my pair of slippers at beijing
they were really gg to fall apart
& at 1 stage, Gerry even wondered if they wld fall apart halfway while we were walking e streets

& got these 2 bottles from fave nails

Misa TA02 Embroidered Emerald
OPI HL758 Hollywood Princess

i swear, it must b karma
cos i stopped gg into fave ever since i found my nail resource ppl
but dunno why, todae i decided to drop in jus to look see
even made a detour to get there k!

& i saw tat they had these little baskets of OPIs, Misa & TINS gg at some promo price
ok, their prices are still much higher than if i get from my nail resource ppl or order thru e websites
but i hvnt been able to find these 2 colours at all!!

pretty happy with these loots =))


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