Friday, June 19, 2009

Nail Lacquers available for sale!

now tat my camera is with me again
i find myself taking these photos very happily =P

ok, as mentioned earlier
these bottles are all tat i hv left as ready stock avail for sale
*prices not including postage k*

again from left to right

Nubars @ SGD$17 each

S203 Purple Beach

S213 Indigo Blue

S201 Peacock Feathers
China Glaze Kalaidescope Collection @ SGD$9.50 each

70692 Sexagon

70686 Let's Do it in 3-D

70689 Octa Gone Wild X 2 bottles
Orly @ SGD$10.50 each

42474 Rose-Coloured Glasses

42488 JeT'aime

42001 White Tips

40181 Buried Treasure

40550 Opal Hope

finally, e OPIs

all OPIs are at SGD$12 each, unless otherwise stated k

pls do note tat those priced higher are either obtained with higher costs
or hv high shipping costs

OPI Princess Collection

R44 Princesses Rule!

R45 Your Royal Shyness

R48 I'm a Princess, You're Not!

R49 Who Needs a Prince?

OPI India Collection

I42 Elephantastic Pink

I52 Royal Rajah Ruby

OPI Holiday in Toyland Collection

HL807 You're a Doll!

HL808 Glamour Game
B30 Purple with a Purpose

C92 You Ottaware Purple

B61 OPI Ink

D01 Lincoln Park at Midnight

S63 Chicago champagne Toast

L08 Wine Not Party?

W42 Lincoln Park After Dark

HL705 Who are you Wearing?

R55 Vodka & Carviar

H25 Mod Hatter

H30 Pearls Night Out

e following OPIS are all rare & discontinued items
B59 My Private Jet - old holographic version
@ SGD$20
*tentatively reserved for gt*

C22 How to Jamaica Million
@ SGD$18

M12 Revved Up & Ready
@ SGD$14

H08 I'm Not Really a Waitress
@ SGD$14

S72 Romeo & Joliet
@ SGD$13

SR 6R5 Espresso Your Style!
@ SGD$13

ok, tat's it for todae!
when i find more nice &/or discontinued colours
will let u guys know!! =)


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