Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm starting a budget restriction on my nail polish collection

ok... i'm blogging again when i'm supposed to b working
but honestly,
& i swear to all e gods & goddesses ard,
its super boring when u're jus abt e only living soul ard in e staffroom

anyway, taking a break from all e beijing posts
& gg back to nail business

i miss my digi-cam
why did i hv to go n drop it??
now i cant take any proper pics at all
nothing tat i take with my phone's camera seem to work at all

i swear when i get my digi-cam back,
i'm gg to re-do all these nail swatches!

got an interview coming up later tis evening,
was recommended a part-time lecturing position by a fren
hope it will b successful,
cos i really wanna gain more experience
& of cos extra income lah *wink*

anyway, interview right,
so i didnt tink it wld b appropriate to go with bright turquoise nails
therefore i chg-ed my mani-pedi last nite

actually even if nt for e interview,
i wld hv wanted to chg colours already
very much prefer nail art over single colours
dunno why,
but if i just use single colour on my nails,
by e 3rd day,
i'll b bored & itching to remove it

but well, interview + super short nails + lousy phone camera
so for e time being,
its still single nail colour

but tis time, i purposely chose somethg more glittery
* a bit more exciting than cremes or sheers lah*
but still sedate enuff to pass an interview

i'm really sorry for e lousy pic quality
but these were e best of e lot tat i attempted
*so u can imagine how crappy e others were*
unless someone cn tell me e trick to taking really gd close-up shots with a nokia phone camera
i promise i'll re-do these swatches again when i get my digi-cam back
but for now, i'll try my best to describe e polish

used 1 of e polishes tat i brought back from beijing
e one tat i'm not entirely convinced of its authenicity =P

its U&A 818
there's no name for e colour, jus e no.

colour is quite lovely
base is a sweet coppery-peach mirco-glitter
then its made funkier with bigger bright pink glitter flecks
unfortunately, u cant see e pink glitter in e pics at all
so u jus hv to take my words for now
*until i re-do it again with e digi-cam*

however, application is a bitch
e brush isnt easy to use
tends to pick up too much polish,
so i had to keep scraping it at e neck of e bottle
& its hard to get polish onto the sides of e nails,
cos it tends to pool ard e sides n cuticles
hv to be extremely careful

then e polish takes a long time to dry
usually when i use my Poshe super-fast topcoat
i jus need to wait approx 10 mins
& i cn hop into bed & wake up e nxt morning with absolutely no smudges or dents

but with tis particular polish,
even after almost an hour,
it felt like it was still dent-able
in fact, when i was taking e photos tis morning
i found one side of e polish on my thumb showing some dents!
fortunately, its glittery so it aint obvious

oh! & another thg
i'm gg to b imposing a budget restriction on my looting
well, i've jus re-gained my financial freedom recently *HURRAY!*
so i hv every intention of keeping it tat way
& even start saving

plus, my ma has been staring in horror at my exponentially expanding lacquer collection lah...

so from tis mth onwards
i'm gg to only allow myself a grand total of 20 new bottles every mth

well, i know 20 bottles sound a lot still to some ppl
but for someone who's newly addicted to polish,
who has jus begun exploring e wonderful world of polish
& who has hauled back 40+ bottles each mth for e past 2 mths
20 sounds like a gd start to me =P

darn... i jus got 3 from beijing
& i jus placed an order of Misa with another fren
hv to start curbing...

*hopefully, i'll b able to stick to tis restriction!*


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