Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm back from Beijing!

ok, got lotsa stuff to blog abt
got nail stuffs
n i decided to do a day by day itinerary of my beijing trip

so e nail stuff 1st, since its e easier one =P
apologies thou for some of e poor quality pics, esp those tat require close up
cos i smashed my beloved camera on e last day of e trip
so now only hv e phone to take photos with until i get e camera repaired *sobz sobz*

jus came back to sg last nite
n saw all my loots on my table
but was too tired to open n unpack

its all sorted out now
kekeke.... so many until i took almost 1 hour to get it all correct
e many Nubar boxes also include frens' orders

but just too many so i'm only gg to show e ones tat i ordered for myself =P
ok, all polishes again from left to right again k

Essie Northfolk collection;
Shelter Island, Greenport & Sag Harbour
Zoya ZP263 Roxy
OPI B59 My Private Jet X3
(2 bottles are for sale)
AND tis is e old holographic version k

then tis set i hauled back from Beijing de
*sigh* my phone's camera jus doesnt do justice....
Elbe G05 - it didnt hv any name, jus e no, n i tink tis one is a brand from korea cos there are some korean-looking characters on its label
U&A 818 - again, no name jus e no, n it says design in USA (not sure if its a fake thou)
Freshcover nail enamel #15188 Cypress - made in USA, more convinced of tis authenticity cos i got it from a proper nail salon in one of e more atas shopping centre

finally e long-awaited nubars!!
again, extra bottles are for sale

S203 Purple Beach X2
S213 Indigo Illusion X2
S201 Peacock Feathers X2
S205 Moon Shadow
G103 Grass Green Glitter
G107 Green/Silver Glitter
G104 Teal Glitter
G152 Purple Rain Glitter
G702 Pink Dot

however, Nubar missed out 2 of my frens' orders
so now i hv 2 bottles of Lavender Shimmer missing from e parcel
hv emailed Nubar
hopefully they will send those 2 precious missing bottles! *cross fingers n toes*

all rite, nxt post shall be of beijing....


starlovemoon said...

Got extra loots from Beijng or not kekeke... Oh btw u selling polish ah? Cos i saw u got loots for wanxia wor...

Berry T said...

*sigh* extra loots from Beijing dun hv
cos i spent more time visiting places of interest than shopping
plus somemore, the nail polishes there are nt cheap! almost S$20 for each bottle worz!

kekeke... ya, i also sell polish
sometimes if i see nice n rare ones, i will loot extra back to sell away de
if u interested, jus let me know lah

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