Thursday, June 4, 2009

I feel stupid limping ard sch todae

e title of e posts sums up how i feel todae

so onto stuff tat's much much happier =)

hauled in some new loots!!
all polishes are mentioned in order from left to right k
*then i wont hv to keep repeating tis sentence* =P

tis came in e mail yesterdae
Essie Steel-ing the Scene
Essie Mesmerize
China Glaze Gussied Up Green
some green n white pearl rhinestones

personal stash tat i hauled in from supplier todae

first off e OPIs

C87 Glacier Bay Blues
B25 Azure for Sure
D24 Sea Ya Later, Sailor!
B32 Dazzle Me
B42 Electric Eel
A36 Happy Anniversary!
D25 Calendar Girl

now e China Glaze

Let's Do it in 3-D

lastly e Orlys

Cashmere Cardigan
Catch the Bouquet
(cant really make up my mind whether i wanna keep Catch the Bouquet or give it up for sale thou)

ok then tis set of loots are for others

wanxia, these are yours =)

OPI SR 2L5 Glim Merry Gold Glitter Top Coat
e Art Clubs are
NA 18 Crystal Glitter
NA41 Pink Glow
NA 70 Copper Glitter
NA 30 Red Glitter

for another customer CL, OPIs are

Start to Finish
R47 My Daddy's the King
I42 ElePhantastic Pink
HL 807 You're a Doll!

other avail OPIs

B61 OPI Ink
HL 705 Who are You Wearing
D01 Lincoln Park at Midnight
B30 Purple with a Purpose
C92 You Ottaware Purple

more avail OPIs

R48 I'm a Princess, You're Not!
R45 Your Royal Shyness
H25 Mod Hatter

avail China Glaze

Let's Do it in 3-D X 2 bottles

avail Orly

French Manicure JeT'aime
French Manicure White Tips

looking at e pics just makes me happy

hmmm... so wat colour mani shld i wear to Beijing??


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