Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hot! Hot! Hot!

in sg, we dun hv e 4 seasons
but recently it feels lk summertime here

its getting amazingly hot nowadays
been gulping down cold drinks, turning on e fans & aircons
putting on tons of sunblock
& wearing my sunglasses everywhere
all jus to relieve e amazing heat

hv a new set of nail art
yeah... cldn't tolerate single nail colours anymore
so i decided to do some simple nail art
was inspired by all tis heat
since it reminded me of summertime,
decided to do somethg tat reflected it

1st up, a swatch of Orly 40703 Cashmere Cardigan
which i used as a base for e nail art
as i did my nails last nite,
all these swatch pics were taken under florescent light
all my pics turn out blue
but in reality Cashmere Cardigan is more lavender than blue
tried to take it in diff lighting, angles, etc etc etc
but sorry guys, camera jus refuses to pick up e colour

& tis is e nail art tat i'm sporting now
dots are done using OPI M23 Strawberry Margarita
(kekeke....used tis one cos name of polish gives me e feeling of lounging by e pool with a jug of chilled strawberry margarita...)

those flower bits are leftover nail art stickers

now, all i need is my swim suit...


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