Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feeling' Bored

day 2 of e 3-day MC i've been given by doc
used to complain tat when i need e break
doc never gives e MC

but now when i finally get a 3-day MC
for e 1st time in my entire work history too
i'm suprememly BORED!!!

with orders of limited movement,
stuck at home with nothing much to do
hvnt visited e library b4 accident so no new books to b read
viewing pole video only makes me mad at my accident
n i'm wondering if i shld chg my nail art
cos i cant even reach my toes n i dun wanna mis-matched set of mani-pedi
*mayb time has finally come for me to try out being mis-matched*

only thg i cld do was to surf nail blogs
n i came across e announcement 4 e new Zoya Fall 2009 collection
check out e Zoya poster
*click to see larger view*

Zoya Truth Collection
Cassic, bright and straightforward.

Penny (ZP492) - copper gold metallic
Kalmia (ZP493) - rose copper metallic
Salma (ZP494) - scarlet red metallic
Isla (ZP495) - venetian red metallic
Anaka (ZP496) - fuchsia metallic glimmer
Drew (ZP497) - mauve rose metallic

Zoya Dare Collection
Edgy, dark and mysterious.

Vanessa (ZP486) - blue red cream
Ciara (ZP487) - burgundy plum cream
Demi (ZP488) - purple mauve cream
Pinta (ZP489) - inky violet cream
Envy (ZP490) - gleaming Jade green with subtle shimmer
Ibiza (ZP491) - gleaming Sapphire blue with subtle shimmer

n apparently to compliment e collection, there's gg to b 6 glossy lip balms too

looking at e colours
prefer e dare collection
esp e last 3 ~ Pinta, Envy n Ibiza

well, i've just ordered my 1st Zoya polish from ebay
(one day i'll post abt e lack of nail polish brands in sunny island singapore)
saw Scrangie's recent review of e colour lock system
n i fell in luv with e polish tat she used ~ Zoya's Roxy
so Roxy is now on its way to me =)
lets see how it goes
if its luv at 1st application, i mgt just get collecting Zoyas too

last note
n LOOK AWAY if u're e kind who's squemish
snapped a pic of my injury when ma was helping me to chg e dressing
again to memorialise n remind myself to b careful in future


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