Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Darn... Polish restriction busted...

i know i posted abt restricting myself to 20 polishes a mth
*& tat was only like a few days ago....*

hauled in more stuff
& i hv pending orders coming in as well lor...
as usual, polishes name in order from left to right

got these last nite
yoga class was at 8:30 pm
so i walked ard BHG @ Bugis Junction
& saw these on promo

Voxy nail polishes (some didnt hv e no.s on their stickers):
067 Cosmic Emerald

Dancing Fairies



VR02-41 Twilight Zone

in e past, i was curious abt voxy polish
but always thot tat it was really ex for a small bottle
usual price is $16.50 for a 0.46 oz bottle k!

but yesterdae, promo was buy 3 get 2 free
so i took e opportunity to grab 5 to try out

then walked ard somemore
& i saw L.A Girl!!

never realised tat we actually had L.A. Girl in sg until yesterdae
& it was on sale too!!
but only limited collection of colours thou

287 Metallic Purple

286 Metallic Green

284 Metallic Silver

288 Metallic Blue

320 Teal Shimmer

NL200 Amethyst

then i got these loots from my supplier todae

personal stash:
B53 Hey! Get in Lime

D28 Sea? I Told You!

B70 Dating a Royal

B60 Light my Sapphire

W27-EU International Dateline

S61 Los Angeles Latte

Holiday in Toyland Minis - Glamour Game, Brand New Skates, Little Red Wagon & Don't Toy with Me

& a wheel of pearls

hauls for esther
OPI Original Nail Envy

SR 2L5 Glim Merry Gold Glitter Topcoat

R44 Princesses Rule!

B56 Mod About You

L00 Alphine Snow

for another customer, Ch
SR 8F9 Pink of Hearts 2

H27 Oh so Glam!

D01 Lincoln Park At Midnight

hv TINS coming in hopefully by tis week
got an order of Misa, Orly & OPI pending with another fren
testing another batch of OPIs & Orlys from a new US supplier
& i'm waiting for e Nubar Going Green collection to reach yet another new US supplier

drats.... tat's way over 20 bottles!


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