Saturday, June 27, 2009

Craving for Latte

had an interview with my boss's boss on fri
so no choice, had to chg to a more sedate mani-pedi
tat's wat happens when u work somewhere conservative

1st up, swatch of OPI S61 Los Angeles Latte
taken under florescent light at nite

initally i was a little hesitant to get tis colour
it looked quite blah in e bottle
& i was worried tat it mgt nt suit my skin tone
but now i'm glad i didnt give it a miss

imagine milk chocolate colour
then add in a tint of red shimmer
tat's wat e final colour on my nail looked lk

kekeke... decided to try out tis colour cos it looked sedate
& cos i was having a late nite craving for coffee tat i cldnt satisfy!

& tis is e final nail art design tat i sported over e past 2 days
1st pic is taken in sunlight
nxt pic is taken at night immediately after completing e mani (tink u cn see e red shimmer betta in tis pic)

OPI S61 Los Angeles Latte
TINS 406 Passionate Ruby
cheap $1 nail art white lacquer tat my mama bought 4 me
orange & pink rhinestones

unfortunately e mani didnt last long tis time round
nt sure if its cos i didnt mix e eproxy glue well
but e rhinestones started falling off e nxt day after i did e mani!
& tis has never happened b4 until tis time

then i hv new loots to show as well
tis set of OPIs came in e mail on wed
S39 What's Dune?
S38 Day at the Peach
S37 Coral Reef

then tis set of TINS & nail accessories came in e mail today
025 the Saturn
006 the Amethyst
070 the Starlets
026 the Mars
005 the Aquamarine
a bottle of red glitter nail art lacquer (FOC)
black rhinestone (FOC)
purple metal beads (FOC)
& a wheel of teardrop shaped rhinestones

then as usual, my sat after pole shopping hauls
went to Fave Nails again at Cityhall & OUB Centre
OPI HL760 Celeb Sparkle
OPI HL757 Twinkling Lights (only bottle left)
Misa TA05 Sepia Stained Cotton
Misa VA03 Foxy & Folksy

& a batch of hair accessories
left side from Evita Peroni
right side from Chomel

all rite
gotta go re-org my nail polishes
too many liao!
& my ma managed to dig out 2 boxes for me
*kena nagged by her todae abt my nail polishes again*


ⓚ☪ said...

hi, nice blog! love your tins nail polishes, you must share how you got your hands on them. =)

Pam said...

you have the cutest nail designs

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