Friday, June 19, 2009

Camera is BACK!!

camera is back & functioning again!!

ok, here are betta pics as promised!
as usual, all polishes named from left to right =)

1st up, my haul from beijing

Elbe Styling Nail Colour


Freshcover Nail Enamel
#15188 Cypress

then my own Nubar stash

these are e Nubar Glitters tat i got

G702 Pink Dot

G103 Grass Green Glitter

G107 Green/Silver Glitter

G104 Teal Glitter

G152 Purple Rain Glitter

and these are e Nubar Duochromes

S205 Moon Shadow

S203 Purple Beach

S213 Indigo Illusion

S201 Peacock Feathers

Close-up pics of e duochromes

these are OPIs tat i hauled in for esther today =)

L03 Kyoto Pearl

HL707 Stars in My Eyes

B49 Call my Cell-ery

I50 Charmed by a Snake

lastly, my current mani-pedi

used e U&A polish tat i brought back from beijing

tis pic was taken outdoors

seriously, tis polish really glitters under direct sunlight
so it was hard to get an accurate pic of it
review was done 2 posts ago
so u can jus scroll down to read more abt tis polish

tis is outdoors, under shade

& tis last one is taken indoors

see wat i mean when i say it really glitters =)

all rite, for e nxt polish post,
i'm gg to b putting up pics of all those polishes tat i hv on hand for sale

there are several rare & discontinued ones k...


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